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A rip roaring, shoot em up Western with great plot and characters.

A throwback, exciting western. Rand Livingston and Jack McDonaugh were friends as Confederate soldiers, post war raiders and bank robbers. Rand, is presumed dead, and living quietly under an assumed name. He doesn't know Jack has been plucked out of prison by a big conglomerate The Mid West Banking Association. They need someone to head security and who better than Jack who knows the ins and outs of bank robbery. When a local banker tries a foreclosure scam on Rand's ranch, all hell breaks loose. Rand goes to court and ends up killing the banker's cohorts: the sheriff and two deputies, one of which is a twin. All are shot between the eyes. On to the bank for a withdrawal, he discovers the Association has a lot money temporarily stored there and two men to guard it. Rand puts a third eye on each and leaves the banker less one ear and less his horse that now packs the Association's money. He rides north.
When Rand is identified as the culprit and word reaches Association headquarters, Jack knows Rand's ride north is a decoy and he will go south on back roads. Jack wires Association men near the perceived route to intercept Rand.
Rand goes through a bevy of Association gun men, a couple of corpses and the remaining sadistic twin as he continues his trek. Not only men but a woman or maybe two if you count a little gay guy, an association agent, who plans on taking the money, heading west and living like a queen.
Along the way Rand picks up two sidekicks who provide a little humor and levity to the story. The old men are Yellow Snow an ex Indian and his brother in law, Roscoe an ex slave and ex Indian. They were banished from their tribe after refusing to sacrifice themselves in a battle with neighboring tribe. "Another stupid custom."
Later, when Rand is critically wounded by the woman, the old men become vital to the story.
As association men fall by the wayside, Jack takes a train south to head off Rand. He also sees the light and is returning to his outlaw ways. He sends Association men on a wild goose chase while he makes plans for the money Rand has and a lot more to boot. He cleverly sets up two former outlaw friends to take the fall if things go astray.
What happens when the two old friends meet in a showdown?
Who ends up with the money?
Only Hitchcock knows for sure.

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The Writer: Larkin Thompson

Borrn and a young boy before there was television in every house. Seen a lot of changes in the past 75 years, Some good, some bad. My parents were migrant produce workers and I was raised on the road as they traveled from here to there where ever there was a crop to harvest. Home was a small travel trailer pulled behind our old Ford sedan. Other people on the road lived in tents or rented cabins. My folks got paid for piece work: a penny or two per pound for picking cotton, peaches were three cents a lug, berries a penny a pint, etc. They were both quick with their hands and did pretty good as far as that goes. It was truly Equal Opportinityin it's purest form, the faster you worked the... Go to bio

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