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With her dreams crumbling, aspiring singer Shelley turns to ex-music producer, Jay, for help. Reluctantly Jay agrees, but when Shelley's abusive boyfriend finds out, he sets out to destroy her dreams for good.



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Consumed by jealousy for his famous musical protégé, LIA, music producer JAY descends into alcoholism. He splits from Lia and SAM, her agent, and works for his cousin VIKRAM, a small-time loan shark who cleans money through his taxi business. Jay and the other drivers – MAGIC, TERRY and ASH – are subject to racist attacks by an unknown assailant. However, to keep the law away from his shady dealings, Vikram forbids any police involvement.
As Jay tries to escape his past, aspiring singer-songwriter SHELLEY is desperate to escape her dead-end life with abusive partner, DAVE. Shelley works in a music studio, trying to make her dreams reality with best-friend, ANGIE, who is having an affair with Dave. As the pressure of marriage is put on Shelley, the only connection to her musical dreams is the guitar belonging to her late father.
Vikram, Dave and hired thug MASON are putting the pressure on bad debt, HENRY, threatening the safety of his young daughter, MARY, if he fails to pay up. Mason is uneasy with this call and doubts are sown.
As the taxi rank undergoes more racist attacks and Henry tries to protect his family, Vikram suggests Jay to Shelley, hoping he can help via his contacts. Jay is not interested, but Shelley pursues this possible lead, inviting him to the studio. She discovers it used to belong to Jay and he sold it to Dave because he was broke. Jay leaves, refusing to help, but Shelley persists in contacting him.
Dave hurts Mary, resulting in Henry confronting him. Henry is beaten up by Mason and Dave threatens the girl again. A final confrontation between Shelley and Jay results in him verbally destroying her dreams, much to the delight of Dave who thanks Jay, personally, for doing so. Now wracked with guilt, knowing what it’s like to have your dreams smashed, Jay fights to make it up to Shelley and arranges a secret gig with Sam, the agent, in attendance. Jay and Shelley finally become friends, realising they have lots in common. Jay stops drinking.
Meanwhile, there are more attacks on the taxi rank and Magic is getting edgy. Tensions rise between him and Vikram.
Shelley asks Angie to cover for her, but Dave is privy to the information and after the gig – in which she secures a meeting with Sam in London – Dave severely abuses her and destroys the guitar. As this happens, Vikram is attacked by the racist at the taxi rank. He suspects Henry and sends Dave and Mason after him.
Shelley leaves Dave and calls Jay. They meet and share a tender moment, but Jay refuses to go with her to London. He simply wants to forget the past and start afresh. They kiss and say goodbye.
Dave confronts Henry. He’s about to seriously injure Mary when Mason steps in, allowing Henry and his daughter to escape. Dave returns home, with a broken nose, to discover Shelley gone.
With life back to normal, Jay and Magic place a bet on who can get to a pick-up first. Magic wins but is surprised by the racist attacker who almost cuts him, before Jay arrives. Surprised, the attacker flees and they give chase, losing him in the night. Magic quits.
Jay returns to the taxi rank where Dave is waiting. He’s figured out the only person who could have helped Shelley was Jay. He demands to know where she is, but Jay refuses to tell. Dave provokes Jay into a fight and beats him senseless. Realising Jay might be dead, Dave flees the scene.
The next morning, Shelley catches the train to London, alone.

Submitted: September 5, 2020
Last Updated: September 5, 2020

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The Writer: Amanda Webster

Starting out creating corporate promos/jingles for radio, I went on to write and produce short films with National Lottery funding. Regularly placed in screenwriting competitions, I won the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing for Children In 2015 with ‘Hex Tecs’ and was a finalist in Idris Elba’s ‘Write to Green Light’ initiative in 2016. I’ve since self-published a children’s illustrated book ‘Mr. Gum ‘s Choppers’ and worked as a freelance lecturer, specializing in screenwriting for children. I co-wrote my first feature ‘Introspectum Motel’ (Flying Mobula Films) and was invited to Cannes Series in 2019 as a shortlisted writer (Final 12 from over 300+ entries.) In 2020, I was shortlisted for the... Go to bio

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