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Squid Jiggers

When barmaid and aspiring writer Monique catches her husband Toad with his latest romantic conquest, it leads to a chase which ends with Monique losing her arm.



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My award winning short story

After three years, and with Toad’s jail sentence nearing completion, Monique needs her strong family and friends more than ever, especially when she starts to receive strange phone calls. Torn by whether to stay on the island with the people she loves, or start a new life in the city, Monique decides that she wants to start over with her new man, Trevor. But the drunken Toad, once released, tries to viciously assault her, something which is stopped by the timely intervention of Trevor. With Toad back in jail, Monique decides to stay on the island, planning a future with Trevor.
The story weaves together the lives of three generations of quirky, eccentric women, as well as the men who fish for squid. There is plenty of comedy with the three women who smoke pot and dance like Pagans in the sun. There is also tragedy and hope. When Mona marries Trevor and becomes pregnant with his child, she realizes that she now loves the life she has and has lost her desire to leave the island.

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Finalist-- in 2015 Women in Cinema Screenplay Competition--2015
Semifinal--Nashville Film Festival--2015

The short story of the same name has received numerous awards.

Submitted: July 10, 2017
Last Updated: June 4, 2018

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The Writer: Judi Blaze

Judi Blaze is a novelist, former print and media journalist, editor and screenwriter. She has three novels and a book of short stories published and many novels and screenplays in the works. She has garnered many awards for her short stories, novels, and screenplays. SQUID JIGGERS, a multi-award-winning short story, is now her feature-length screenplay based on the story. She has also written six short screenplays including; Roommates, Sign on the Bloody Line, Baby’s Gone, Stealing Sobriety, Your Secrets Will Get You High, Nightmare in a Jar and Soap. SQUID JIGGERS was a semi-finalist in 2015 in the Nashville Film Festival, a finalist in the Women in Cinema competition, and a quarter-... Go to bio
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