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Stealing The Moon

A repatriated cold war agent who must stop the destruction of returning satellites from the 1960’s and 70’s when she discovers they have become sentient.



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Emily Simone gave fifty years of her life to her country. Her mission was to guarantee that America came in first in the space race. She accomplished that by becoming a Russian, first lady of the modern satellite and wife of one of the top men in the Soviet Space Program. When her Soviet husband dies, she disappears. One of the original four of the deep cover team, Jack Reede, has come to find her and bring her back to her true country.

"Her true country," is a phrase that has no meaning for Emily, the chunks of wires and circuits that she sent into space do mean everything to her. They are returning to the planet of their origin and calling for her.

Emily and Jack discover what kind of relationship they have shared over the many years of living a lie. Jack's nobel prize winning daughter, Taylor, will need to help them, even though she holds a grudge against her father's other woman.

Valencia Breaux is a woman who dreams of the stars, but keeps her feet among the blood of her victims, targets she dispatches for the United States government.

Triage, a young, dysfunctional, engineering genius, needing a mother more then she needs a boss, is the woman who discovered the messages the returning craft were sending.

These five will work together at The Watertown Institute, a secret installation, within the Nellis Mountain Range, also known as Area 51.

The returning satellites send a warning, a threat of environmental terrorists, seeking to create a "told you so" incident by sabotaging a rocket launch at Cape Kennedy.

When Taylor is killed on the launch pad during a sabotage attempt, Emily has to take matters into her own hands, fighting a bureaucracy and a grieving father, to do what is right. Even when it costs her Jack’s life.

She must let the returning satellites have the new payload of plutonium, against the wishes of the government. With Triage's assistance and Val's support, Emily is redeemed by the mission's success and given the job that does not officially exist. Director of the Watertown Institute, Jack's former position.

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Submitted: December 8, 2020
Last Updated: December 8, 2020

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The Writer: Jodi Davis

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