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Street Wedding

A cheap, rebellious proposal in a downtown casino after several shots of tequila leads to a street wedding.



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A young couple (Kari and Brad)are vacationing in Las Vegas. They are drunk. They are in love. They feel reckless. They are having fun. They laugh and take stock of their meager funds and decide to get married. They stumble out of the bar hell bent and sure of themselves. They stormed into a library. In a fit of laughter they decide to print out the legal documents. They Google but can't find any. Instead they find a site where they decide to Rent a Reverend. The guy texts back saying he can meet them in half an hour. The couple decide to call their parents. They phone. Brad's dad and stepmom never pick up but Kari's mom picks up. Big mistake. Mom yells at them, her voice, a tinny voice, a voice telling them to stop. Kari & Brad yell back, they yell about love, they yell about how great they feel, they yell about how no one can tell them what-to-do. The library staff escorts them to the exit. They stumbled out and look around; Kari snarls, "we needed witnesses". A hip suit is caught while exiting a bank. The suit is very cynical but finds their idea weird enough that he sticks around to see if it will happen. A waif holding a “Need money, God bless you” sign finally agrees after Brad puts his last dollar in her hand. The street is a downtown corner of horns and exhaust, the stop and go of tourists and locals. The ‘reverend’ shows up and takes Kari's credit card number. The couple no longer feel drunk. The reverend has flowers, rings, bibles, etc. to sell but the couple doesn't buy anything. Binding words are said while an umbrella holds off the sun. Signatures are scribbled on the legal documents making it all official. The ‘bride’ begins to cry but not with happiness. The ‘groom’ agrees. They laugh, and gently laugh a little more until tears come to both of them. They silently and mysteriously agree to stay together as they tear up the legal document. They kiss.

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Street Wedding came in second place for The FilmSchool’s 8th Annual Great American Short Screenplay Contest.

Submitted: April 8, 2017
Last Updated: April 8, 2017

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The Writer: Catherine Cole Rogers

Catherine Cole Rogers is a MFA graduate from the University of Washington, Seattle. She was published in InterSections 2007 for a short story called Concrete Desert and was the recipient of an Artist Trust Grant for a theatre play, Stalking Rainbows. She was a reader for the Seattle Review in 2015. Also in 2015 Catherine came in second place for The FilmSchool’s 8th Annual Great American Short Screenplay Contest for her play Street Wedding. A workshop of her screenplay Original Intentions was conducted February 2016, sponsored by the UW English Department’s MFA Graduate Student Program. Go to bio

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