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Bitter sweet drama where universal energy pulls together the power of seduction, money, art and an eye-opening twist. Red is the magic colour here... But does it stand for passion or tragedy?



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SUGAR is a story exploring the secret world of sugar babes and their daddies in the modern world of cryptocurrency.
Drawn from the taboo and unorthodox dating scene fueled by strong, manipulative, younger women and insanely rich, mature men.
The luxurious lifestyle and gifts in return for no-strings-attached fun is the key. This story explores what happens when the business deal becomes a full on passionate and loving relationship.
It is the lucrative, dark and naughty way out for a single mother.
It is the 'pay-per-view' attitude towards sex for the older man.
The couple face many obstacles, but the invisible threat is the most dangerous.

A beautiful French nurse living in London with her teenage son decides to enter the world of crypto sugaring to help her financial situation. The world where she meets a handsome , successful, mature artist. The couple embark on a traditional sugar path but soon realise there is more to their relationship than just lust.
Drawn into the world of paid pleasures and fantasies the nurse becomes fascinated with exploring her own sexual desires, whilst the artist quickly falls for her ultimate persona. He decides to fight for her and to protect their special connection although, he is secretly harbouring a serious health issue.
The couple become obsessed with each other and rebel against the idea of sharing each other as they indulge in pushing their boundaries. However, secrets are an issue here and misunderstandings are common. Caught up in the fast-paced world of sexual desire, crypto payments and a menage a trois relationship- we witness love conquering all.
As they navigate and overcome trust issues, obsessions and health issues they learn about true gratitude, passion, and abundance.

Submitted: June 14, 2022
Last Updated: September 9, 2022

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The Writer: Greta M

Passionate creative and executive. Here, representing one of our clients who's script got my attention for couple of reasons. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Go to bio