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A generic superhero movie about teenagers coming to terms with their lives, their place in the world and their sexuality.

The story focuses on a group of teenagers who were born with superpowers who live in a government-run orphanage overseen by Agent One, who is the brother of one of the orphans. One day, after being asked to use his power for the benefit of a teenage girl (Amy) and the detriment of a school teacher, Puppet King (one of the orphans) betrays the girl and manipulates the government agents who oversee the orphanage with the help of his two best friends, Jester and Cress.

Puppet King and his two friends travel to a government facility where a number of dragons are kept and trained for military applications. In an effort to prevent the three friends from freeing the dragons, Agent One enlists the help of the most dangerous superhuman in the world, Sigmund 'Freud' Roberts, to help him. Freud agrees to help, on the condition that Agent One arranges a meeting with Freud's estranged mother.

On their way to liberate the dragons, Puppet King and his friends decide to take a detour to visit their abusive foster father and their childhood friend Vanity, who is a sentient plush unicorn. Jester taunts Vanity by reminding her of two children who committed suicide while under the care of their abusive foster father, which angers and saddens Vanity. Cress murders his abusive foster father, while Puppet king uses his power to remove the memories of the abusive foster father and his victims from Vanity's mind.

Freud reunites with his mother, only to find that before Puppet King left he used his power to "fry," her brain. Freud delivers a monologue to his mother, and Amy swears to find Puppet King and make her fix Freud's mother.

Freud is taken to the facility, and he promptly betrays Agent One by murdering all of the government employees in the facility and taking control of the dragons within. Puppet King and his friends arrive in the city, and are greeted by Amy. Puppet King attempts to talk with Amy and is fatally wounded during a brief confrontation with the girl. Cress kills his injured friend, putting him out of his misery, and then decides to continue with their quest to free the dragons.

Cress, Jester and Vanity arrive at the government facility to find Freud leading the dragons. Freud reveals his plan to create a utopian society for superhumans, using British Columbia, and he requests that Cress and his friends join his society. Freud then reveals that Agent One had trained a concubine named Patches to act as an incentive to get Cress to side with the government, and he introduces the concubine to Cress.

Agent Two travels to her sisters home to ask her to murder Freud so that the government can reclaim British Columbia and the dragons. Her sister, Cynthia, is hesitant to do so, and Martin uses his ability to force her into a deep sleep. Martin and Agent Two place her sleeping body on their high-tech government plane, and force the other superhumans from the orphanage, as well as Cynthia's human friends, to join them as they travel to confront Freud.

Once the group enters British Columbia, Freud uses his power to murder all of the human characters in the plane. The group lands in front of the facility and are lead to a hotel where the dragons and Freud have been moved to. Once they reach the hotel they are attacked by Spyro, who reveals that he is in love with Cress and is planning to murder all of his former friends because he views them as obstacles. Martin quickly makes Spyro fall asleep before sending Cynthia and Puppy inside of the hotel.

Once inside the hotel, Cynthia and Puppy meet Jester and Puppet Dragon (a dragon given Puppet King's powers due to a government experiment). Jester and Puppet Dragon walk outside the hotel and see that Martin is actually Puppet King. Puppet King places the surviving characters in a coma and talks with Jester and Puppet Dragon.

Puppet enters the hotel room where Patches and Cress are sleeping and is shocked to see that Patches has accidentally murdered Cress. Puppy demands to take his body to Nihilist so that he can be resurrected, but Patches refuses and murders Puppy. Cynthia locates Freud in his hotel room, and she uses her power to set Freud and Vanity on fire. Vanity leaps out of the window of the hotel room in a panic, while Freud calmly accepts his death after seeing a vision of his dead sister.

Puppet King sees Vanity leaping out of the window and rushes to her aid. Spyro wakes up and walks towards Puppet King with the intention of murdering him while he is distracted, and he is confronted by Jester who begs him to leave Puppet King alone. Spyro murders Jester and Puppet King before flying into the hotel and discovering that Patches has murdered Cress. Spyro kills Patches and is confronted by Cynthia, who is appalled by Spyro's actions. After being taunted by Spyro Cynthia sets the entire hotel on fire.

Outside of the hotel, Vanity and Puppet Dragon see the hotel burst into flames before exploding. Vanity crawls through the wreckage of the building.

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The Writer: Gerald Weir

I am primarily a musician who has taken freelance writing jobs in the past working on writing story commissions. I have received some praise from friends, family and strangers online for my writing, even though I'm not as passionate about my writing as I am with my music. I have recently fallen in love with writing screenplays for fun, and I have decided to share my screenplays with the world. Whether they get made into a film or not is of little concern to me, just as long as my stories get read by someone. A story that is never read has no reason to exist is my personal philosophy. Go to bio