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Three film students struggle to finish their short film after the apocalypse.

Rob, Ian and Doug are shooting their final assignment for film school, sheltered from the outside world in a basement studio room. Ian is the director, Rob is what's left of the crew and Doug is the actor.

Running low on supplies and patience, the students struggle to cooperate. Ian's mind is set on completing the film, which he regards as his only legacy to the world. Survival is no longer an option for him.

After shooting a scene where Doug performs a monologue, Rob notes that they have been having issues with the power supply lately. The lights are too much of a strain for the studio generator. Ian dismisses the problem; their priority is to finish the film.

Later on, Doug wakes up from his sleep having a panic attack. He rushes to the studio door and desperately tries to seal it. Rob helps him out, in an effort to calm him down.

As an indefinite amount of time passes, Rob's patient grows thin and Doug's anxiety grows.

Finally, during a re-shoot, Rob loses his temper and tells Ian he doesn't want to be part of this film anymore. The studio lights go off and Doug, panicking, runs for the exit. Ian and Rob follow, trying to prevent Doug from going outside.

When the three boys get out they realise that their environment is not a hostile one. The air is clean and whatever threat existed is no longer present. They set off to a post-apocalyptic world bringing the camera with them.

Submitted: December 25, 2018
Last Updated: January 4, 2019
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The Writer: Danai Katopodi

Currently working in Animation production. Studied Animation and Filmmaking in the UK and briefly worked in live-action. I never worked as a screenwriter but always enjoyed writing. Go to bio

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