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Teddy Bear Knight

A magical teddy bear assigned to protect children from bad dreams goes into dreamland to stop a nightmare from becoming a reality.



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This is the story of Teddy Bear Knight, a magical Teddy Bear given to a little girl to protect her from bad dreams.
One night, Teddy Bear loses the battle against a nightmare named Ensamhet and pursuits to follow him into the dreamland, going through a series of adventures along the way.
In style, it is similar to Samurai Jack. A hero’s quest for vengeance with every chapter as a fight against a common nightmare, and an uplifting ending.
The antagonists are abstract versions of contemporary issues like, sugar, diet, watching too much tv, interaction with other children etc, portrayed as villains who trap children in their dreams and Teddy Bear Knight arrives to save them.
As Teddy Bear gets close to meet his foe however, he will realize that the nightmare is the loneliness itself and that the greatest fear the little girl had, was for Teddy Bear to leave her. Which he did. However, by doing that, he also helped create a powerful good dream in dreamland that kept the loneliness under control in the real world, thus giving his mission an entirely new purpose.

Submitted: January 25, 2020
Last Updated: May 19, 2022

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The Writer: Dan Alex

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