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The Big 4

An astute but disgraced CPA has to start all over at the firm responsible for her demise.



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Alisha just made partner at her Accounting Firm, Barnes Associate & Co. The same night the CEO of their client is arrested for financial fraud. The next morning Alisha’s firm gets raided and shut down by the FBI.

Alisha tries to get a new job but is blacklisted and scorned by the other firms. Unbeknown to Alisha, newly promoted Junior Partner, Logan gets her a job at his firm, Gordon Partners & Co. after their flirty encounters and connection.

During her first day of audit, Alisha discovers fraud in a client's books. This makes her a enemy of her Supervisor but noticed by the partners. They call her in a meeting and she is shocked to find out that Logan is one of the partners. They offer her a fast track to partnership by working part-time with Logan on confidential forensic cases. However she later finds out that Logan was in charge of the investigation which cost her job. While Alisha quickly picks up on red flags with cases she is oblivious to them in her relationships. Alisha has to push aside growing intense feelings for Logan in order to get through their cases.

Submitted: February 1, 2021
Last Updated: February 18, 2021

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The Writer: Bel Jackson

I'm a new writer from the Caribbean. I enjoying learning the craft from my peers and experienced writers. My favourite genre is Romantic/Drama. I have completed one Tv pilot which I will enter into competitions and I have two others in re-writes. Hope to be able to read some fantastic scripts that I can enjoy and learn from! Go to bio