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A beautiful Japanese American graffiti artist revenges the murder of her tattoo master father, murdered by a rogue CIA black ops operation, to cover up a bizarre mind-control plot to disrupt the LA Yakuza.

CIA stringer, Richard Lancaster, has been tasked to search out drugs for the new MK-Meta Drug Program, a black ops program designed to use psychotropic drugs to disrupt international crime organizations in the U.S. On a routine trip to the Brazilian rainforest Lancaster discovers a new even stronger and more dangerous variant of the potent borrachero tree, the source of what the Brazilians call burundanga, a scopolamine-like psychotropic powder.

The MK-Meta team decides to force a Yakuza tattoo artist, Takumi Endo, and his beautiful artist daughter, Michi, to dose the youngest son of a Yakuza Oyabun (Godfather) in order to steal a computer containing the accounting records of a rival gang. The attempt to steal the computer fails resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians, what the newspapers call The Massacre In Little Tokyo.
In order to cover up the disastrous plan, Lancaster kills Michi’s father and any other witnesses associated with the failed scheme. Upon learning of her father’s death Michi is transformed from a peace loving traditional Japanese daughter into a revenge-seeking vigilante in the form of a Japanese style Bosozoku, dubbed The Black Crane. The Black Crane [Kurodzuru] Bosozoku does not stop until all the people responsible for her father’s death have been punished.

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The Black Crane is available as a hybrid graphic novel on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audio book. Below is a five review of the audio book from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 starsFast-paced and dark story draws you in
June 13, 2018
Format: Audible Audiobook
Listening to The Black Crane was an interesting experience, as I had never thought of a graphic novel as something that could be audiobook'ed. The story is a dark story of deception and revenge, with characters that are well written and easy to latch onto. The plot is creative, with just enough detail to keep you hooked, but not get bogged down. Overall, I found it to be a listen that makes me want to buy the physical copy, though what I think would be really great is a video version, using this narration. My mind goes to similar places to flashbacks in popular animation such as Avatar: The Last Airbender or Full Metal Alchemist.

The narrator is articulate throughout and creative in his use of slight vocal changes to discern characters. You never lose the thread in a multiple-person conversation, and can feel the emotions being portrayed. When a character is angry, the narrator makes sure you know. There is a bit of deception and cruel manipulation in the story, which the narrator conveys with snake-like charm. Of particular note are the moments at the beginning of each chapter. They all start with a Japanese word, used as a theme. The Japanese is spoken well, and is followed with a translation, portrayed with the same feeling as the Japanese prior.

Submitted: March 21, 2019
Last Updated: March 21, 2019

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The Writer: Jerry Bader

Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at, a media production company that specializes in Web video, audio, music, and sound design. Mr. Bader has written and produced dozens of video commercials for clients. Writing scripts and novels is a natural extension that grew out of the experience of creating attention-grabbing mini movies that focus on the core emotional motivator. Over the years Mr. Bader has written over a hundred articles on marketing, and he’s self-published marketing e-books, hybrid graphic novels, biographies, and a series of children's books. The Neo Noir Hybrid Graphic Novels are story concepts developed with the goal of having them turned into television series or... Go to bio

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