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The Blood

In 1972 Los Angeles, Charlotte Drake wants nothing more than to live a normal life. If only she and her family weren't vampires...



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Six year old Angela plays with a hula hoop outside her house during magic hour as a young boy, 8, approaches her on his bike. He tries to get her to play with him but she refuses. When he tries to impress her by popping a wheelie, he falls back onto the ground and skins his hand. It starts to bleed. He looks up to see Angela hovering closely over him, mesmerized by the blood. She tells him to leave. Uncomfortable, he does.

Angela goes into her house after a woman calls her in. We meet her parents Charlotte (38) and Nikolai (39). They are getting ready to go out to dinner. They go out to dinner with a cheerful couple at a white tablecloth steakhouse. They go back to the couple's place for a nightcap. There, they drug the couple and drain them of their blood into a plastic container through a plastic tube jammed into their carotid arteries.

We smash to a dinner table where Angela, Charlotte and Nikolai say the lord's prayer over bowls of blood. They ladle the blood into their mouths. They're VAMPIRES, albeit, unconventional ones.

Over the course of the rest of the story, we learn that Charlotte is tiring of being a vampire. During one of her sleepless nights, she dreams of the time she was bitten and became a vampire back in 1901 in New York State.

They go out to dinner with another couple but Charlotte is having trouble emotionally, forcing Nikolai to stop the car and throws up blood on their way to the restaurant. At dinner, she excuses herself to the bathroom to recompose herself. On their way back to their place to have a drink with the new couple they see the boy's bike in their driveway. They're immediately concerned, not sure what they will find in their house having left Angela alone and the boy now alone with her. Could she kill him? What are they walking into? This could be a disaster.

In a terrifying finale, Angela and Nikola bring the couple into their house and drug them, all the while wondering where Angela and the boy are (noting a missing knife in the kitchen). Angela reveals herself covered in the boy's blood all over her face. She killed him with a serrated knife and drank all of his blood through the wound on his neck. The couple is frightened, but they pass out from the drugs and they're in the clear.

Angela, Charlotte and Nikolai stand over the boy's dead body knowing what this means. "They'll come for him."

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Coverfly Top 6%. Top 10 Finalist Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 6.

Submitted: March 24, 2022
Last Updated: March 24, 2022

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The Writer: Jon Shaivitz

Jon Shaivitz is an LA-based screenwriter originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Jon's feature script, Chó, a foreign-language thriller about a Vietnamese boy trying to rescue his dog before it's killed and eaten, placed in the Top 20 of the 2019 Roadmap Writers JumpStart Competition, as a finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft Drama Contest and won "Best Feature" at the 2021 Atlanta Screenplay Awards. It is currently under option. Go to bio

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