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The story of a woman stalked by a killer in an isolated manor is intertwined with the story of criminals hiding in the same, now abandoned house, encountering the ghost of a murdered woman murdered.

This is a world that explores the evil that exists within all of us, and at its center is Blair’s Crossing: a large manor that infects the souls of those who enter and leads them to do evil. Nothing in the show happens by accident –a powerful force pulls in its victims and unleashes their havoc. Even those who manage to escape still hear the manor’s siren song and realize:

All roads lead back to Blair’s Crossing.

In Season 1, we are introduced to Blair’s Crossing through the story of a woman being stalked by a knife wielding killer, which intersects with the story of a group of criminals hiding out in the same, now abandoned mansion, encountering the ghost of the woman murdered there.

The Crossing mixes two genres of horror into one with elements of classic slasher flicks like “Friday the Thirteenth” and “Halloween” intertwined with supernatural ghost stories like “Poltergeist” and “Paranormal Activity.” The Crossing is a homage to the classic horror genre, but in playing with the nuances of multiple timelines, breathes new life into old favorites.


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The Writer: Rick Garman

Rick Garman grew up in Iowa and although he appreciated his solid Midwestern upbringing, he moved to Los Angeles as soon as he was old enough to be sure that his parents couldn’t send a sheriff to bring him back. He studied theater at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but soon realized that acting was not his passion. Writing was. He made his writing debut with a stage production 17 Days, which was produced at The Colony Theater in Los Angeles and played in in small theaters around the country. The work received strong critical praise and several DramaLogue Awards. A few years later, his second play Mountains debuted at The Colony. It went on to win the GLAAD Media Award... Go to bio

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