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The Cursed

Betrayed and forsaken Lynn Logan succesfully escapes from the women's prison with two fellow inmates seeking overt retribution.



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Lynn Logan, a child who was abandoned by her mother at the age of 6 and taken by protective services at the age of 10 because of physical abuse she endured at the hands of her father and placed in an orphanage, goes to jail directly from the orphanage at the age of almost 18, because she kills one of the orphanage nuns who was both physically and verbally abusive to her since the day she was left in the orphanage. Having no happy day in her life, now, at the dawn of her youth, she is sent to prison for eleven years feeling betrayed by both her parents and life..
In prison she meets three more girls who ended up in prison by a dirty trick of life and feel the same way, betrayed and neglected by life and by the people they loved. These three girls are: 21-year-old Melyssa Ross Toback, who was wrongfully convicted based on false confessions and sent to jail for drug trafficking, for the crime she didn’t commit. 20-year-old Kacie James, who got in prison for murder of one of her schoolmates. And, 21-year-old Reagan Wiles, who was sentenced to sixteen years for premeditated murder and attempted murder of her rapists.

Four years later, the girls come up with a prison break plan which involves a prison riot and succeeds. Except Melyssa, who is killed by the guards while breaking, the rest three girls, Lynn, Reagan and Kacie manage to escape from prison. Now they are at large. And the next part of their plan involves seeking revenge on everyone who is responsible for their imprisonment.
First of all they find a secure place to hide. Then the first thing Lynn does is to find the guy who gave false evidence against Melyssa. She finds and kills him.
After this, the girls go after Kacie’s ex-boyfriend who was primarily involved in Kacie’s imprisonment. They find him in a bar with his friends and a gun fight breaks out among them as the result of which Kacie ends up dead and Reagan gets recaptured by the police.
Now only Lynn is at large and Reagan is being interrogated by federal agents to find out Lynn’s whereabouts, with no success though. Meanwhile, Lynn finds her mother’s address which is in a different state, and burns her whole family alive at their house.
After murdering her mother’s family, Lynn comes back for Reagan. She helps Reagan escape from the police headquarters and they pick up where they left off.
The next thing they do is to kill Reagan’s two rapists who survived her first murder attempt. But Reagan gets killed in the process too.
Now Lynn is all alone and desperate. She finds her father’s new family and kidnaps his two children. Threatening to kill the children, she demands that he come and meet her alone. The police is already with her father and their first attempt to arrest Lynn when meeting her father, fails.
Finally, the police find out the place where Lynn is hiding and surround the location. They have to be very careful as Lynn still has the children. With an STF operation they succeed to get into the building where Lynn hides. Lynn refuses to surrender and is shot to death. But there is no sign of the children. The police start considering the possibility that they may already be dead too.
In the final scene, the children are found safe and sound at home when the police drive Lynn’s father and his wife to their house.

Submitted: April 22, 2017
Last Updated: February 13, 2018

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The Writer: Gunel Huseynova

I am a screenwriter currently residing in Sweden. I have two complete feature scripts, both of which are WGA registered, and several are on the way. I am a PhD scholar in Materials and Energy Science, but my biggest dream is to see my scripts on screen. Go to bio

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