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When a church relic is stolen, Heaven and Hell depend on a non-believer to get it back.

Michael Delacroix is a NYC dealer of religious artifacts, with connections to the occult. A former seminarian, he left his faith ten years ago after the death of his brother… at the hands of a drunk-driving priest. To this day, he is still haunted by his brother’s death.

As Michael returns home from a business trip, a fire occurs in St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. The basement vaults are flooded. When clergy investigate, they discover a valuable relic--known only as ‘The Devil’s Jokebook’--is missing. Only top officials in the church are even aware of this relic’s existence. But if revealed to the world, it could destroy Christianity completely.

Michael is visited by a demon acquaintance, Hanna – a coquettish 16 year old killed during the Inquisition. She tells him that her master, Ildeth, wishes for him to find this book. And they’ll give Michael anything he wants, if he can.

Tempted by the challenge, Michael agrees. As his search continues, he is drawn into a web of conspiracies within the church, between those who wish to reveal the book’s secret… and those who want to see it destroyed.

Michael finds the relic and learns it’s true nature: a two thousand year old confession that would prove Christianity to be based on a lie. The powers of hell gather to take their reward, wreaking utter destruction in their path. Michael finds himself forced to choose - between old hatreds, and humanity’s salvation.

Submitted: November 18, 2016
Last Updated: August 23, 2018
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The Writer: Phil Clarke

A published and produced writer, Phil struggles to create realistic characters and place them in extraordinary situations. His writing has earned him recognition in numerous screenplay competitions and the attention of several directors. Go to bio

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