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The Free Fall of the Lamb

A fool bets against small town people. They are all sure enough to win but they have to stake one of their daughter or three cows against him.



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Submitted: January 15, 2021
Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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The Writer: Kamil Murat Usun

Member of Management Board ASITEM (Labor Union of Anatolian Film Works) Awarded by National Cinema Directorate of Turkey for script writing in 2014, 2015. Script writer, short, Give me a ring, 2016 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. Scripts: The Designated Killers (54 pages) Dark Comedy, Crime The Holy Green Stone (80 pages) Family, Comedy From Sarajevo With Love (89 pages) Military, Adventure The Justice Bus (62 pages) Drama, Crime Shorts: The Free Fall of the Lamb (9 pages) Comedy Machetes Coming (7 pages) Crime / Comedy How to Find a Right Girl (4 pages) Film Noir One Finger Missing (7 pages) Crime/Thriller A Rendezvous (3 pages)Film Noir Whose Fault? (3 pages)Comedy Self-Fulfilling... Go to bio

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