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The Ghost of Jackson, NH

A serial killer escapes a crime scene only to return years later as a supernatural ghost.



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A local crime scene photographer comes into contact with a ghost. Fifty years ago a serial killer commits a double murder and then escapes the crime scene. Without any warning at all the towns people are spooked by a supernatural ghost, the hero of the story learns that the ghost was actually the killer. As the story progresses his friends join him on a summer week to stay at his house. A mansion in the woods. The only way the crime scene
photographer can stop the killer from entering the human world again is holy water. That can be found at the top of a national land mark. It's up to the photographer and his friends to stop the killer from continuing his crimes again.

Submitted: April 11, 2021
Last Updated: April 11, 2021

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The Writer: Frank Benesh

I'm a film producer - screenwriter based on the east coast. I have written a short horror story called The Ghost of Jackson, NH. It launches on Amazon next month and I also have written a screenplay - short and feature length based upon the short story. I'm also a cinematographer for my own production company and run an entertainment based website. Go to bio