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The Iron Wardens 1.1 "Grit & Grime"

After saving Port City, Jack and Cloberus are forced by the Palms of the Iron Wardens to participate in the Iron Warden's entrance exams known as, "The Grime Tests".



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Stories and characters created by Shaun Lieb

Constable Stone and the rest of the Palms of the Wardens argue about Jack and Cloberus' Warden-hood legitimacy. Stone is forced by Valkana to have Jack and Cloberus take the Grime Tests, of which Stone believes they are exempt.

Jack and Cloberus travel from Port City, the capital of Seaguard, to the mountain region that boarders the Brakik Empires known as the Freeman Mining Colonies to assist the Warden Clipper Persiatta with retrieving lost research volumes from a dwarven research fort where experiments on trolls and goblins have gone awry.

Submitted: October 2, 2019
Last Updated: November 7, 2019

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The Writer: Chris Knowles

Writer currently living in Arizona. Delivery driver by day, bookworm by night. What you read here are my daydreams and fictitious obsessions. Currently interested in cultural commentary and using animated fantasy genres to help reinvigorate the world with stories of the heroic human condition. Go to bio

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