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As Americans we are all born with indisputable rights, is The Right To Die one of them?

Three years after SALLY MCBRIDE’S death, ROBERT MCBRIDE stands in front of his wife’s grave and reflects on his feelings of humiliation and self-disgust, each time he asks himself the same question. After forty years of marriage, why couldn’t I find the courage to just let her go? One day on his travels to the cemetery Robert meets a stranger close in age, her name is KATHERINE ANN (KATIE ANN) O’KEEFE. Unbeknownst to the other, they have two things in common, both were married a long time and lost a spouse years prior, the second connection develops when they meet again unexpectedly for the second time.

Sunday afternoon dinners are a long held tradition at the McBride residence, family time that Robert looks forward to and cherishes. One Sunday emotions run amuck when Robert’s oldest daughter SUZANNE ADAMS and his middle daughter SAMANTHA KLINE clash with Robert’s youngest daughter SABRINA MCBRIDE over Robert’s right to move on with his life and date again. Sabrina, a 27 year old blonde bombshell that made partner at her law firm at a young age, fought tirelessly for The Right To Die Law to pass in Vermont, so her mother could execute her Right To Die. Three years have gone past, yet Sabrina still struggles to understand her mother’s refusal to execute her Right To Die, and she places the blame for her mother’s decision squarely on her father’s shoulders. Sabrina refuses Robert the forgiveness he requires to forgive himself.

In front of family and friends Sabrina Lynn McBride and Michelle Elizabeth Montgomery take vows to love one another for life. The ceremony has all the traditional festivities, it begins when the couple is introduced for the first time and ends when they journey off into the sunset and onto their honeymoon.
As Sabrina and Michelle escape to their honeymoon, the chance meeting of two strangers materializes for the second time when Robert discovers Katie Ann is Sabrina’s wedding planner.

Sabrina and Michelle return from a ten day honeymoon, only to find that Robert has fallen in love with their wedding planner. To say Sabrina does not take the news well would be quite an understatement. Sabrina can barely contain her outrage when Katie Ann shows up for her welcome home Sunday dinner at the McBride residence. Sabrina reaches a boiling point when Katie Ann takes Sabrina’s mother’s place at the dinner table.

Sabrina pays Katie Ann a visit at her place of business and in no uncertain terms makes it clear she is to stop relations with her father. The patient Katie Ann endeavors to find some common ground to stand on, but in the end is thrust aside, left to suffocate in her own emotions. Sabrina returns to her place of business confident she’s won the battle with Katie Ann. Katie Ann dumps Robert, Sabrina celebrates her victory!

The news of Sabrina and Michelle’s surprise adoption does nothing to bring Robert out of his misery. Misery turns to fury when he ferrets out the truth as to why Katie Ann won’t see him. Sabrina earns a new respect for Robert when he shows up at her office unannounced and pounces on her like lion on its prey. Sabrina is stunned into silence when her father unleashes an ultimatum, find a way to get him and Katie Ann back together or she will no longer be welcome at his house.

Sabrina goes to Katie Ann and offers an apology, she extends an invitation to Sunday dinner. Katie Ann is gracious and engages Sabrina, but wears a poker face as she hesitates to let Sabrina off the hook that easy.

Distress apparent when Sabrina begins to comprehend her previous actions may have real life consequences, she can’t comprehend life without her family. As Sabrina and Michelle open the door to leave, Katie Ann stands on the other side, hand up, ready to knock. Sabrina’s heart overflows with joy as she welcomes Katie Ann back into Robert’s house and his heart. Love is in the air. Life is good.

Thanksgiving and the adoption of Sabrina and Michelle’s first child just around the corner, merriment fills the households. The final step of the adoption is upon them, as Sabrina and Michelle stop in to pick up the results of their physicals. Sabrina catches a curve ball, as her doctor hands her a death sentence. And not just any death sentence, but she is going to die soon of the same disease her mother died of three years ago.

Robert searches for answers in his priest, his family and in Katie Ann. Katie Ann’s focus is to bestow her love and support on Sabrina and Robert, in hopes of reconciliation before Sabrina’s death. Sabrina and Katie Ann become unlikely allies when Katie Ann reveals the truth about her journey to Vermont. Katie Ann gently guides Robert, and helps him with the acceptance of God’s plan.

It’s New Years Eve 2017 and when the clock strikes midnight, Sabrina will wish everyone a Happy New Year and have a nurse inject her with a fatal dose of morphine. The clock strikes 10 pm as Michelle and Sabrina retire to the bedroom to say their good-byes. Father O’Connell arrives to oversee Sabrina’s last rights.

Robert enter Sabrina’s bedroom and observes her on top of the bed in a long white gown, her face peaceful and angelic. As she holds out her hands to him, the realization hits him like a ton of bricks, he can’t move. She continues to gesture to Robert. Trance like, he moves to her and lies down beside her. They make promises to one another. She forgives him and confides in him that he has always been her hero. He tells her he loves her and that she will always be his little girl. The clock strikes twelve and the family joins them. The last good-byes are whispered through tears and the nurse asks Sabrina if she is ready, to which she replies, “I am.” The needle picks her arm, the morphine fills her veins, Sabrina smiles, closes her eyes and dies peacefully.

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On my first submittal to the ISA (International Screenwriters Association) I received four out of five stars, with a nice review and some suggestions. I have incorporated the suggestions into Rev 2 of the script and uploaded Rev 2.

Submitted: March 28, 2017
Last Updated: August 16, 2017

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