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The Judas Branch

After the execution of an American missionary overseas incites civilian riots and inspires the rise of domestic terrorists, a government agent and his reluctant researcher set out to figure out who orchestrated it and why.



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Genre: Crime Drama
Format: 1 hour, procedural weekly series
Nutshell: The Wire meets The Untouchables.

“The Judas Branch” draws inspiration from the pages of classic spy novels combined with the elements of vintage film noir, updated to the look and tone of the modern world. The lead character, a veteran, government agent named Anthony Williams, heads an elite, internal affairs department in Washington called The Internal Crime Branch, nicknamed The Judas Branch because they're considered traitors within “the family” for operating against their own and, sometimes, outside the law.

In the pilot, an explosive internet film of a young missionary executed overseas spawns antiwar demonstrations and militant factions. Public opinion turns against the current administration opening the door for unproven candidate John Patrick Campbell to win the presidency. Williams not only discovers tampering in the election but that the murdered missionary never existed

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Award Winner, Canada International Film Festival
Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Spring
Quarterfinalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition
Honorable Mention, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards
TOP 25% of discoverable projects on Coverfly

Submitted: July 13, 2022
Last Updated: February 14, 2023

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The Writer: Bill Loiselle

BIll Loiselle is a writer from Ontario Canada. His first script "The Judas Branch" advanced to the semi finals of The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards as well as the quarter finals of Creative Screen Writing’s Screenplay Contest. Recently the recipient of a "Recommend" as a Writer and script received a "Consider" through Stage 32. Go to bio

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