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The Last Outpost

With the world at war and the U.S. is the battlefield. A young soldier and her small team must evade capture and deliver powerful information that will change the course of the war.



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In a wasteland, a convoy of repurposed military vehicles and motorcycles chase down a raggedy
group of kids who are rescued by the Coyote group, who pull them to safety. They call for transport
and help from Burrow, some kind of mission control. Dennison's office at Camp Nickel, which is
makeshift abandoned gas station. Dennison gets instructions regarding AWOL military intelligence
Officer Ruby Price.. Flashback a few weeks to Fort Rooster 2035. Howie, Sadie retrieve children from
Grandma Henrietta's shack, and are reunited with the 80+ lady who looked after them years ago. Zeke
and his younger brother Eli narrowly avoid snipers and ransack a well stocked home, then take off in
the Jeep in the garage - a trove of supplies. At the Outpost, Howie is tired of the killing, Sadie says it's
better than what's over the wall. Later, Sadie joins Miko in bed. Zeke and Eli return to the heavily
guarded Outpost. Grandma Henrietta and her daughter insist they will be staying in the
neighborhood, not leaving. Major Eli is annoyed, he can't provide their protection. Special enhanced
soldiers are released from cryogenic tubes. Dennison directs Jacobs to take a team out to find Ruby
Price, warning him the group is dangerous. The Price team is deciding their next move, slowed down
by Collins, who stepped on barbed wire. Their plan is to go to Fort Wells and give the insurrectionists
the government info they have against them, hoping for the best. Martinez scores a car for the Price
team. At the Outpost, Grandma Henrietta refuses to leave, along with her children, but Elijah discovers
that a military attack on the Outpost is eminent. Henrietta stands her ground. Price and team have a
tech pad device which is being tracked by Hunter-Killer team sent by Dennison. At the Outpost,
Dennison and team attack, Eli commands, Zeke and team head out to attack Gas station while
Dennison is focussed on front gates. Eli flashes back to finding Miko and her family being killed. Eli
and Howie man the gunners on the porch of the Outpost. Howie fires a huge turret gun, scattering
Dennison's team. Dennison seems to have old intel, and the protective busses blocking the gates
don't move. Willis and team inch the busses open, opening a gap between them. Jacobs has joined
Takahashi's team and they also track Ruby Price, trying to get to her before the H/K team. At the
Outpost, Howie has a moment of conscience as he sees the massive death his turret gun wreaked on
the gates of the property. Willis now infiltrating the property, finds the entrance to tunnels below.
Zeke, Sadie, Miko and young Walsh, in the tunnels. Miko has an emotional teenager moment. Willis
and team, planting intel cameras, narrowly miss being noticed as Zeke and team pass through. Ruby
Price and her team are pursed in their SUV by the Jeep filled with super soldiers launching grenades.
Price succeeds in incapacitating the Jeep, but the super soldiers launch drones. Price and team flee in
the SUV, drones in pursuit. Zeke's team sneaks into Camp Nickel (Dennison's gas station
headquarters), poorly guarded, and finds the plan for the Hunter-Killer team as well as the Takahashi 7
collaboration. They blow up a part of the gas station as they leave, and Dennison and team arrive.
The super soldiers resupply and pursue Price in a new armoured Jeep. The battle at the Outpost
seems to be over. Price and team are on the road. Howie, weary of the violence and killing, is
reassigned to escort Henrietta and children to Wells Compound. Meanwhile, Willis and team map the
tunnels below. Price and crew stop at a roadside market, Martinez drifts off to find a girl. Takahashi 7
team chase Price and her team through the night market, people and good flying everywhere, killing
anyone in their path. Wilson and Collins are captured. Martinez is killed and Ruby Price and her intel
are captured by Takahashi, whose team burns the entire market to the ground. In the distance, Zeke,
Sadie, and team watch, and pursue. At the Outpost, Eli visits infirmary where Natalie is assisting.
Zeke's team attack the Takahashi convoy, free Ruby Price and Collins, Wilson and Walsh are killed,
Zeke receives a mortal wound. Ruby introduces herself as Abernathy-Price, therefore related to Eli
and Zeke. In a dream, Eli recalls his last moments with his wife and baby Ruby. Meanwhile in the
underground tunnels, Willis and his team come upon the underground tram station just as Howie
loads Henrietta and the kids onto the train and it starts off. After a shootout, Howie and Barrow are
killed. Willis and Xiao place recon cameras watching the tram station and get praise and orders to stay
put from Dennison. Colonel Foster appears in Dennison's office, commending his work, but
upbraiding him for the massive destruction of the night market and the use of an 'outside' contractor
in Takahashi 7. Dennison explains that he has found the location of the Wells compound, and the
transportation tunnels, and will need reinforcements to take the Outpost down, thereby controlling a
large portion of the territory. Foster assures Dennison his promotion to Major is eminent, if he can
secure Price and her intel, and take the Outpost down. Takahashi 7 appear, and tell their tale - Jacobs
dead, Ruby Price lost, no intel. The H/K team arrives, and Foster leaves with them to pursue Ruby
At the Outpost, Ruby Price arrives and hands intel over to Eli, then realizing this is his long lost
daughter, just as drones arrives with the super soldiers. He sends Miko, Ruby, and Sadie to safety
inside the compound. Eli and Collins confront the super soldiers and the place explodes around them.
Miko, Ruby, and Sadie discover the body of Howie on the tram tracks, and are attacked by the waiting
Willis and Xiao. Eli appears, with super soldiers in pursuit. After a long hand-to-hand battle, Eli is
killed, and Ruby, Miko and Sadie escape. Arriving at the tram station in Georgia, they are greeted by
the US generals, who welcome them, and the intel.

Submitted: February 6, 2021
Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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The Writer: Brandon Peters

Bay Area raised. Moved to Los Angeles to persue acting and filmmaking. Have a couple on screen acting jobs done so far. Started a production company to in which i directed my first short.. Although I still hope to do acting. I also want to help bring other original ideas to the screen. Go to bio

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