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The Moebius Effect



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Children are born with crop circle tattoos, immune to the pandemic that threatens extinction, Dr. Vivian Li has to understand their abilities and either save mankind or destroy it.

The year is 2075, the oceans have risen along with Earth’s temperature, and the world is being devastated by a terrifying new pandemic with no known cure. Dr. Vivian Li, one of the first wave of prodigies born with strange crop circle-like birthmarks, struggles to understand the changes occurring in the unnervingly silent second wave of circle-marked children under her guardianship at the Coby Institute—and she’s not the only one. A rival research program run by an unscrupulous adversary seeks to unlock the children’s secrets as well, but for a far less benign purpose. In light of the increasingly deadly pandemic, the children’s startling special abilities begin to manifest, it becomes apparent to Vivian they’re not what anyone thought. They could become humanity’s salvation, or a weapon used to subjugate or even destroy it. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and one false move could tip the scales in the wrong direction.

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Submitted: March 21, 2019
Last Updated: March 22, 2019

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The Writer: Cheryl Rae

Art is easy for me. Writing is the hardest thing I do. Also it's really, really fun. Writing Honors & Awards The Moebius Effect, currently in Stage 32's manuscript contest - Quarterfinalist. Quarterfinalist, Telescript for CSI – Scriptapolooza Scriptwriting Competition, 2010 Quarterfinalist, Telescript for NCIS – Writer’s Network, 2009 Honorable Mention, 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Scriptwriting Manuscript Competition, 2008 Third Place, Writer’s League Script Competition, 2004 Freelance Game Designer Educational Background Master of Arts in Art Museum Education University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Photocommunications St. Edwards University, Graduated... Go to bio