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The Offering

An unstable death row escapee confronts and kidnaps the ailing young woman who rejected his heart for transplant surgery, determined to change her mind.



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A death row inmate, Jerry, a low level criminal who accidentally killed a whole family, has agreed to give up his appeals by donating his organs to others. He believes he can help make up for his previous deeds by doing good during his final days. But when he finds out from his frustrated doctor that the rich daughter of a well known Conservative congressman has refused his heart transplant that she desperately needs, he becomes obsessed with convincing her otherwise. While at the hospital for another organ donation, he manages to escape.

We pick him up at the beginning as he's broken into her house to speak with her. The woman, Katherine, 20s, is horrified, having no idea that she would be receiving the heart from an inmate. Her father was the one who cancelled the procedure, but it's clear she shares some of his prejudices towards Jerry. He attempts to convince her to change her mind, but it's hard because his presence is a threat to her, and he claims to have tied up her parents, but there's no sounds coming from the bedroom. As things begin to escalate, and she attempts to figure a way out of her situation, it's clear Jerry is very unstable, blames others for his problems and is prone to vicious acts of violence. And his absurd plan, to use his doctor, who is tied up in his car, to perform the procedure for them lacks any sort of logic, and his determination to complete his mission frightens her. As he takes her on the road, evading police and killing others, the sickly girl must figure out a way to get out of this situation before it's too late. She can't outrun him, she can't make him see reason. There's only way out and it goes against her convictions. No matter what they hard they fight against it, they're both going to Hell tonight, and only them will make it back.

Submitted: June 28, 2021
Last Updated: June 28, 2021

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The Writer: Jay Reid

Jay Reid is award-winning writer/director and freelance journalist whose films have played at Canadian, US and international festivals and have also been featured on short websites such as Reid, an accomplished screenwriter, is the winner of SODEC’s Grand Prize for his short screenplay Phases of the Moon. As a result of his win, SODEC sent him to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival as part of SODEC Lab to attend the Producers Workshop. His feature script, Volunteer, a dark comedy/drama about suicide hotline volunteers, was shortlisted for The Black List Feature Lab 2018 and the Black List/Cassian Elwes Fellowship, and was a finalist in Screencraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship... Go to bio

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