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The Penance of a Thorne

A bereaved father, consumed by guilt, seeks redemption by helping the terminally ill to take their own lives.



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After the death of his son, Clement Thorne resembles the dying embers of a man. Consumed by guilt, his scarred flesh is evidence of his pain and self-loathing. Clement seeks solace by helping the terminally ill to end their pain and is complicit in their suicides.

Unbeknownst to Clement, Cardoza, a bullish detective, investigates the rising number of deaths. Convinced they are cases of assisted suicide, Cardoza is hellbent on tracking down the source.

When Angel, a terminally ill fifteen-year-old, contacts Clement, he is forced to question his own virtues. Housed in a palliative care unit with no family, Angel demands Clement end her suffering but this is one client he refuses to appease. Instead, he requests her help and in doing so forges an unlikely friendship, which changes both Clement and Angel’s outlook on life.

Still tormented by his past and unable to seek forgiveness from his ex, Clement introduces Angel to life and its myriad of opportunities. Teaching her to drive, empowers a new sense of freedom and together they begin to appreciate the value of life.

However, Clement reassesses this relationship when Angel's health deteriorates. He realises the inevitability of her situation and insists she return to palliative care. Clement must also deal with the pursuit of a vengeful lover of a deceased client as well as Detective Cardoza closing in.

When the vengeful lover attempts to take his own life, Clement repents by racing to his aid. He then rescues Angel from the confines of her care home and affords himself a smile when he reads the note she has left before leaving town in his car, "When we met, I thought I needed someone to end my life. But you showed me how to start it."

Clement accepts his penance has been paid and is ready to end his own suffering. He makes peace with himself and his late son and takes his own life.

Submitted: April 26, 2022
Last Updated: April 26, 2022

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