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The Pilots' Lounge - 2 Part Pilot Episode(s)

A new young flight instructor suspects his boss/mentor of keeping secrets regarding a fellow instructor's minor, yet unlikely crash, setting up a potential web series set in the world of recreational aviation post-9/11.



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THE PILOTS' LOUNGE is an often comedic, yet ultimately poignant drama structured like a sitcom which centers around Albert McNeil, an affable and unassuming new flight instructor in his early-to-mid twenties who immediately suspects his boss and former mentor Lyle of knowing more than he's letting on after witnessing a far more experienced fellow instructor's minor, yet unlikely plane crash. Fearing it could affect them all, he convinces his friends and fellow co-workers to quietly investigate and meet every week to discuss this budding mystery in.... the pilots' lounge. Little does anyone realize that Albert and the airport's new and first female instructor Tonya will unwittingly be drawn into a 15 year-old scandal involving Lyle and his former friend and business partner, impacting their futures and paralleling their present relationships as a warning not to repeat the mistakes of their elders. If interested, look for the plans for this project to be featured in-depth on a new web site this Fall that proposes the mostly regional brand of web-based entertainment of which PILOTS' LOUNGE is intended to be a part.

Submitted: October 6, 2018
Last Updated: October 6, 2018

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The Writer: JD Moores

Despite being born with severe Larsen's Syndrome, I'm a 39 year-old (in May 2018), award winning screenwriter (once, for a short, in national competition) with no-budget production experience on others' projects as well as my own, including an Associate Producer credit on IMDB. Unable to travel or move to Hollywood or to afford constantly gambling my money away in dime-a-dozen contests that mostly lead nowhere, I'm now working on a new, multimedia web-site on which to advertise my (copyrighted) projects as well as a plan to bring at least one or two into fruition in ways that could also help others like me in my region. When it is done, I'll share all of the specifics. For now, I'm here to... Go to bio

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