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The Resistors

In the distant future, a boy with no magical powers joins forces with a magical prodigy to incite a revolution against the tyrannical king who seeks to purge the world of all non-magic beings.



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Following the discovery of an ancient artifact, thousands of years into the future, humans have evolved to biologically develop a second heart that produces magic, therefore humans now have magical abilities. It's the "normal" thing. There are, however, the minority who are born without a second heart. These people are looked down on by a tyrannical king who resides in a wealthy medieval-style magical kingdom and wants to rid the world of non-magical beings. The "defectives" as they are called, are subjected to live in a cyberpunk ghetto unless they've somehow managed to become wealthy. Eleus, a non-magical human, joins forces with a magical prodigy, who the king has kept captive for his own gain, in order to incite a revolution to overthrow the king and destroy his plans for eradicating the non-magical people.

Submitted: April 29, 2022
Last Updated: July 22, 2022

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The Writer: Eduardo Madriz

Well, I've been working on the art of screenwriting for about a year now. I have really enjoyed it and hope I can turn it into a career. I especially like to write fantasy and horror. Getting lost in a world I create. Rooting for characters whose destiny I control. If I'm not actively writing, I'm at least thinking about writing as plots insert themselves into my mind. Go to bio