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The Restorer

A teen witch takes on a cemetery restoration apprenticeship awakening her ability to interact with spirits. Unfortunately, so is her evil father's desire to steal her power and use it to unleash hell on earth.



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THE RESTORER is a one-hour Ghost Whisperer meets Supernatural YA supernatural drama fantasy. It has placed in Austin Film Festival and Fresh Voices. Laurel Ellis is a screenwriter and cemetery restorer, represented by CSP Management under Tammy Hunt (, 323-302-4242, ext. 136) and Jamie Bradley (, 323-302-4242, ext. 137).

ELIZABETH “ELI” TOLER is the daughter of a flaky witch and a power-hungry warlock. Having survived being drowned by her father, JOSHUA, then abandoned by her mother, RENEE, Eli has some serious trust issues. Not feeling comfortable around the living -- with the exceptions of her guardian, LOUISE WALSH, and best friends, JANA PALMER and TREVOR O’REILLY -- Eli deals with the stress of high school and the stigma of her bloodline by hanging out with those who don’t judge her -- the trapped spirits she encounters while restoring cemeteries.

For years it’s been a one-way mirror, but now the spirits are seeing Eli and asking her to help them move on. Louise, a powerful witch in her own right, explains to Eli her powers are growing and she needs to be trained in how to use them to protect herself and her friends against malcontent spirits, demons and Joshua, especially since he’s dying. Louise warns Eli that her power gives her the one ability Joshua desires most -- to cross through the veil between the living, the dead and the damned at will. When Joshua dies he will be free to take control over the damned and set them on Eli to force her to surrender her powers. Joshua plans to use Eli’s power to tear open the gates of hell and unleash its residents on the living world. But the only one who can train Eli is the one person she despises most -- Renee.

Even after Eli is able to at least weaken Joshua, other entities come for her, hungry for the same power that drove Joshua to drown his own daughter. As Eli struggles to restore and maintain the supernatural balance, she comes to realize she belongs in both the realms of the living and the dead, yet fully belongs to neither.

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Austin Film Festival Coverage - CONSIDER, Austin second rounder, Fresh Voices Finalist, ScreenCraft Quarter Finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Quarter Finalist

Submitted: December 7, 2020
Last Updated: July 2, 2021

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The Writer: Laurel Ellis

Laurel Ellis is a screenwriter, single mom of three kids, including two on the autism spectrum, and cemetery restorer currently residing in northeast PA. She's represented by Tammy Hunt and Jamie Bradley of CSP Management.While she has written a few scripts in different genres, her favorite to work with is supernatural drama. She has placed in numerous contests including Austin Film Festival, PAGE, ScreenCraft, etc. Her script Surviving the Hunt was produced in 2018 by co-writer and director Willie Coggins of Official ICE Productions. A former student at UCSD, she has a background in biological and forensic anthropology. She's written features, television and podcasts. Go to bio
Manager: Tammy Hunt and Jamie Bradley, CSP Management