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If you can survive a holiday together then you were meant to be together forever.

Maddox is the father of the beautiful, intelligent and sucessful, Angel, an engineer. As a father he is concerned that she finds the right partner who will love her forever. His theory that true love can be determined if a couple go on holiday together, make decisions together, argue and agree and still come back as a couple then true love exists and they are perfect together. He therefore with this in mind secretly funds Angel's many trips with various suitors who all disappoint. But now she has met Greg a handsome rich business man who invites her and her PA Anna to the Caribbean to do some work and enjoy paradise. What will Maddox do?

Submitted: November 21, 2018
Last Updated: November 21, 2018
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The Writer: Ray Newell

Being Techincal Writer for the past 25 years has provided me with a career which has allowed me to travel extensively in Africa, Asia and Europe. This does not auotmatically make me a script writer, however the experiences have provided some interesting ideas which could work their way into stories. The Rule represents one of these ideas and provides an interesting basis for a story about travel and how it can have an impact on relationships. Not being a "script writer" puts me at a disadvantage especially as the concept of the Rule has great potential. If anyone who is a script writer wants to help out and partner-up to improve The Rule then I would be very happy to discuss the story with... Go to bio