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The Slovenian Girl

When an Exchange Student in a foreign land attending the local University is forced to to fend, after her Parents forgot about her post-divorce, she becomes a Call Girl to make ends meet.



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Slovenka: A Call Girl

Marylin (not Monroe) is not very popular by her fellow students in her new foreign University in Ljubljana, Slovenia, not like back home. She applied to be a Foreign Exchange Student, to learn other cultures. The Economy is fair in Slovenia, humble living, just not the lifestyle she was accustomed to in the U.S. When her Parents divorce, they kinda forget about her there, payments stopped, no contact with either one. So almost broke and about to be kicked out of the University, she befriends a former ‘Call Girl', Slovenka, where she tries to talk Marylin out of this former world of hers! Marylin actually enjoys Men’s company, it’s not always about the sex, but if it’s included, why not get paid for it. Her father started her thirst for ex, selling her to his corporate big wigs! After just six months of 'Working', she saved up enough money for her own place, paid cash, paid off her tuition to stay in the University. She's made clientele all over Europe, Men adore her youth and beauty. They throw money at her feet. Her cell blows up in Class constantly, everyone vies for her attention and sensual time. She is now known as the, The Slovenian Girl.

But like any risk of having sex with multiple strangers, Murphy’s Law states, anything bad that can happen, usually does. She contracts HIV from a Client. He’s paying back many Women for his own Mother being a whore! Marylin gets caught in his crossfire. Sooner than later, it turns to full blown AIDS. Her health declines rapidly, losing her Clientele and her reputation as fast as she obtained it. With money still in the Bank, she now concentrates on trying to maintain this disease. She eventually can’t. When her Parents finally realize what they’ve done and try to reach out, get her home, they didn’t expect on getting their Daughter back in casket instead.

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Winner of the Silk Road Film Award Cannes for Best Feature Drama Screenplay

Slovenka: A Call Girl
Submitted: December 12, 2020
Last Updated: January 1, 2021

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The Writer: Chaz Fatur

Chaz Fatur is an optioned, sold & produced Screenwriter/ Filmmaker who was an Actor first, working 15 yrs in the Industry, as well as a Veteran of the US Navy. He got his first Hollywood gig as an Actor on Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, and fell in love with the whole Filmmaking process, which prompted him to take a Screenwriting class at Ventura College while still serving his Country. Chaz didn't write his first Screenplay until 2004, which is when he established his Film/ TV Prod Co - Scuttlebutt Ent., LLC. Since 2004 until today, he's written over 200+ screenplays, to include Features, TV Pilots/ Webisodes & Short content. He's legally repped & has several projects currently in... Go to bio
Law Firm: Law Office of Rocco E Cozza, PLLC
Lawyer: Rocco Cozza

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