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The Tale of Carobhill



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A group of friends find some paranormal activity in a slaughterhouse. Instead of getting scared they take advantage of it creating a business that gets out of control.

The town of Carobhill, a small town with its own little creepy charm. The slaughterhouse. A group of friends, Leroy, Marshall, Donald and Francis decide to venture into the slaughterhouse. What they find is disgusting, some kind of slime all over the abandoned building, and they cannot figure out what it is. They soon find where it's coming from, and they cannot believe their eyes.
Some strange dark figure sacres them to death and they flee to never come back, but Donald got a sample of the goo and did something odd with it, he basically smoked it. He got high, real high. Eureka, the idea was born.
So the group of friends decide to head back in there and collect more goo, and so they do. They start to sell it via a friend and their business starts to grow, but everyone knows that something that grows too big cannot be controlled, and little by little greed started to separate them. Though they tried to keep it together it did not take long for an accident to happen, and with the accident came more trouble and vicious greed took Leroy hostage to brake the sacred rules

Submitted: December 11, 2019
Last Updated: December 11, 2019

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The Writer: Marconi O'Kilimanagh

I wrote a script, not sure how good it is. No, I'm not a common writer, nor do I read many books. Just had an idea and thought it wouldn't be bad to put it on paper, now its done, I enjoyed doing it, and that's all I care, but who knows, it might be worth something. Go to bio