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the widow screenplay

A maid must figure out the mystery that surrounds her master and murder that spills secrets.



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It is 1965. Cecilia is a maid and servant for mistress Mary Jane Westermeister. She lives at the manor with her other servant Sicilie. One dreary night a hooded man murders a teenager and drowns him in the creek behind the Westermeister estate. When the police investigate they find that Cecilia won't let them in on the property. She threatens them and runs them off. Meanwhile in Maryland Mary Jane stays a couple of nights at the chateau d'lugeoe. She enjoys the nightlife meeting up with two guys named Bill and Hasskins. She soon learns the men are using her for sex. But turning the tables on them, Mary murders them and adds them to the list of victims. Then the police get a warrant to search the manor and the creek. Upon appearing on the property, Cecilia is frightened they might try to convict her or someone else for the murder. The marshall finds traces of Cecilia's hair at the creek plus a cloth from a cloak. Other mysterious things happen to lead Cecilia to believe something suspicious is going on. Mary Jane murders a man named Johnny for her satanic ritual and uses his blood for her youth and beauty. The next day, the day of the blood moon, Mary Jane returns home to her servants. Sicilie warns her that Cecilia and the police are onto them. In the process, a servant for the mistress's cult kills the marshall. Then, Derek takes control and tries to be a hero and figure out the mystery. Cecilia's hand is brutally cut off for the moon ritual to sacrifice her so the master (Satan) can return. The crowd of servants arrives at the manor and drink poisoned punch so they can see the master of sin. Two men stop Derek and lock him in a burning barn. Along the way, Cecilia is blamed for murder for a little girl. As the sacrifice begins, Cecilia is burned alive. With the clock ticking, Derek escapes the barn and calls for back up at the manor. Derek interrupts the ceremony and exposes Mary for the evil woman she is. Before Mary can kill Derek he throws a burning log at Mary. It misses her, and she attacks Derek with a dagger. The manor bursts into flames, Cecilia is freed and rescued by Derek. Derek tells Cecilia to go to the woods and wait for him. Then Mary drops the dagger and Derek gets it and stabs her and she falls into the flames. The next day, Derek and Cecilia watch the officers investigate. Three years later, Cecilia and Sicilie return to the woods and she makes the hymn of the angels sing for her one last time.

Submitted: August 22, 2020
Last Updated: August 22, 2020

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The Writer: richard simpson

Hello, my name is R.A. Simpson, I'm 20 years young from denison, tx and I graduated from high school in 2016. No I do not go to college nor have a degree. I have aspergers syndrome, diabetes, and depression. I love to read, write, act, sing, draw, and hang out with people. I am currently writing my first novel about a russian prisoner who was an adviser to the king and queen and his life is a mystery and what he did is a mystery as well. My dream is to be a published writer and in the mean time I write short stories, essays, criticism, and screenplays. I want to adapt some of my own stories as a tv show kind of like the outer limits meets the twilight zone. But, wish me luck at this! Have... Go to bio