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The Wizards of Dunley



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A family of wizards that live in a small town protecting the people, are attacked by an evil opponent.

The story of the Wizards of Dunley is written with the idea that wizards do not live in impossible to get to faraway places but in that old house at the end of the street in a small town just like yours.
The story opens with a boy with regular household chores, he has a father that frequently goes on trips but has not returned in the usual time. He goes to see an old man that his father frequently visited, often taking him along, to see if he had any idea of where his father might be. The old man tells him of a journey that he is going on and that in fact it started when he came to see him. As he has never been out of the small town of Dunley, he is not sure that the old man knows what he is talking about. The journey starts the next day.
There is a background story about the old man and how he came to town as a Doctor but shortly after his arrival there was no need for a doctor, no injuries or illnesses had occurred.
They start out on a bus, where the Doctor avoids capture then they separate at the bus station. The boy has been given a bag that receives messages that direct him to his destination. He is chased by a criminal type hired by the evil wizard, Black Dragon, that has his father trapped in his workshop. The boy is helped by a mysterious girl from the underground, she is from a colony of strange creatures that live underground. They travel through some caves and are detained by the underground leaders who are fearful of being discovered. There is a background story of an attempt to capture them by an evil wizard, they are released on the testimony of the warrior that defeated the evil wizard.
The old man has a plan to allow the boy to enter the workshop that his father is in to help him escape. The girl from the underground appears again to help him get into the building. The old man transfers his power as a wizard to the boy so that the two of them, the boy and his father, have enough power to defeat the attacking evil wizard. There is a fierce attack with the Black Dragon hurling lightning bolts at the workshop.
After they stop the attack they return home but are challenged once more to stop the evil wizard permanently. The trap is set, and he is captured with the help of the underground warrior and left powerless in his own fortress.
In the end the boy, the girl, and his friend are introduced as new members at a council meeting of wizards. The Story is easily serialized, and the topic has wide appeal. The screenplay is available for review on request.

Submitted: June 29, 2020
Last Updated: June 29, 2020

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The Writer: Charles Kerr

EDUCATION BS, Mechanical Technology, Honor Society, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio I grew up in Akron Ohio, I have worked as an Engineer, a School Teacher, and on a race car development program for Saleen Automotive. The attached information is an original screenplay that was developed by myself without input from any other parties. It was completed in May of 2020 and while the original short story was published in 2012, much of the material in this screenplay is new. Go to bio