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A young woman is dumped by her boyfriend just as they are set to begin vet college. She flees to a new college far from home where she plots to win him back.

To Be A Vet is a fish-out-of-water story in the vein of Legally Blonde. It's the story of Alex Gladstone, a young woman who is book-smart but otherwise not particularly competent at life. She has a well-planned future that involves going to veterinary college with her long-term boyfriend. But when he dumps her, fearing her dependence will make her a burden to him, she rashly leaves all she knows to attend a college far from home.

Immediately regretting her decision, Alex hatches a plan to prove to her boyfriend that she is indeed independent and capable of being on her own, thereby winning him back. And so she does her best to adapt to living on her own for the first time, keep up with the high academic demands of school, deal with often uncooperative animals, and manage a neurotic roommate - all while harbouring a secret horse phobia. Disaster strikes when the roommate betrays her and (for the first time in her life) Alex fails an exam, putting in jeopardy her academic standing and her plan to win back her boyfriend.

She manages to pass a re-write of the exam and, by being less than honest, becomes engaged to her boyfriend. Seeking to preserve this new calm, she shuts the roommate out of her life. However, the roommate has other ideas and as Alex's lies catch up with her, she begins to doubt whether striving for everything to be as it was before she fled home is really the best laid plan.

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The Writer: Audrey Layes

By day, I'm a civil servant in the field of public health. At night, I write. This is my first screenplay. In a previous iteration of my life, I was a veterinarian and worked in private practice, government, and research. My experiences at vet college are the basis for this script... Go to bio