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Universe War



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Set 100,000 years into the future, the encounter between Emma Skywalker and High King Richard Clato Atreides will lead to a series of consequences the universe will be forced to endure.

It has been 100 years since both empires have discovered each
other. Followed by, the discovery of the slowly expanding
ends of the Universe by the two powers using paid explorers
and bounty hunters on clandestine missions. The realization
of limited resources and urgency for the allocation and
control of these resources became the number one priority for
both the Republic and the Royal Houses. These superpowers
are now on the brink of war. The discovery of Dune and the
Royal Houses by the Jedi Knights started off as a routine
search for another planetary source of food and fuel. The
discovery of Dune, it’s spice and its planets secrets would
eventually bring the Republic to the brink of the most
destructive war it will ever face. Each superpower tried to
resolve its differences but the cultural and technological
differences made it impossible to find a resolution. A few
individuals benefit within both superpowers, with profit as a
motive, which has continued to fuel the long war.

Now set 100,000 years after the death of, Darth Vader and
Paul Maladep, the Jedi Order has also changed over that
period of time. The Jedi Order now uses both light and dark
powers of the force. The Jedi Order now study politics and
diplomacy to resolve conflict in the Senate. As for the Royal
Houses, both House Harkonnen and House Corrino were restored
and have resolved all conflicts with House Atreides. The Duke
and Baron are now good friends. The Royal Houses have a new
protector to combat the Jedi Knights, they are called Ghost
Dancers. These beings are a more evolved version of a Face
Dancer, which means they have special powers, are educated in
combat and can take the form of conquered enemies.

As for the Guild, they are still very useful to the Royal
Houses. The Guild no longer has bad blood with House
Atreides. The Guild has new duties as ambassadors for the
Royal Houses. The Benejezera order has lost much of its
political power since the advent of the Ghost Dancers.
Despite the Ghost Dancers weakness in not being able to see
into the future- they have proven to be the overall stronger
and better protector, than the Benejezera order. Although the
Benejezera are still being used as a symbol of Royal House
supremacy. This is the first and last Universe War...

Submitted: March 27, 2019
Last Updated: March 27, 2019

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The Writer: Anthony Garrone

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