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Walk of Shame

Three diverse female roommates in Los Angeles navigate their quarter life crisis and quest for success in the modern social media era’s walk of fame and shame.



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Walk of Shame is a 1-hour drama series centered on three young female roommates sharing a townhouse in Los Angeles.

SKY: 29 y/o Korean-Mexican MUA and LA native
ASH: 26 y/o trainer tomboy from Oklahoma
CLARA: 25 y/o student actress from Denmark

With different backgrounds and goals, they are united by their shared living situation and desire to “be something more” before time runs out, while battling profound and often conflicting insecurities in the unforgiving city of broken dreams.


In the first season of the show, each of the girls will be confronted with individual difficulties, adversaries and inner demons.
Ash is forced to confront her raging Tomboy vs. Barbie complex in various internal and external ways,  Sky works against her parents and clients expectations to realize her dreams of becoming a beauty influencer, and Clara races against her own crumbling facade, expiring visa, and desperation to make it.


SKY finds herself in a conundrum that threatens her reputation and livelihood when she takes a makeup gig with “X-Wives of Rodeo”  star Eliza, who happens to be the hate object of her narcissistic repeat client Alexis.  

CLARA falls head over heels when meeting charming Spanish social media influencer Miguel in an uber pool and applies to an escort app to compensate for her dwindling student loans and lack of work visa.  

ASH gets her world turned upside down when the girl who seduced her boyfriend in high school, bombshell fitness model Serena, suddenly shows up to steal more than just the spotlight.


Walk of Shame is a familiar story with an unfamiliar and non-glamorous presentation that shows authentic people with real lives and backgrounds, in stark contrast to the unrealistic image of most similarly themed shows.

It is the Norwegian hit series “Young and Promising” in a Los Angeles setting, or a raw and modern version of “Sex and The City” where the success and glamour is replaced by unapologetic grit, and the characters with flawed but sympathetic human beings.

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”The concept is fresh, original, and charming. In this drama, the story is interesting from the beginning. This story has the potential to be a prime time tv show similar to HBO’s “Sex in the City.” -Los Angeles Female Feedback Festival

Script Summit 2019 - Best Voice Finalist
Page Turner Screenplays 2019 - Quarter Finalist, TV Pilot
Los Angeles Female Feedback Festival - Winner, Best TV Pilot

Live script reading of Walk of Shame in Toronto, Canada
Submitted: November 15, 2019
Last Updated: November 18, 2019

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The Writer: Anna Bielkheden

I’ve been fascinated with the power of words for as long as I can remember, and I began crafting stories as soon as I learned how to write. Precocious as I was, many of my first short stories had a moral message and they were always very character driven. I was also drawn to darker stories that didn't match my age at all. When I was 10, I had this kind of ongoing novel about male murder detective with a drinking problem. At 16, I wrote my first very bold and raunchy screenplay about a lost teenage girl who becomes a stripper after being betrayed by her boyfriend. To date I've written a full novel, a poetry collection, two feature scripts and one pilot script. While I’ve always been a writer... Go to bio

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