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War Child



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conflicts in the middle east
A day in the life of an woman and a baby as they escape the world around them.

A woman living in in a desert does hard labor so she and a baby can survive. She is running away from the terror of war but she still has terrible thoughts of her tragic past. The hard labor and the place in which she lives emphasizes her poverty and fear of war that has done destroyed something in her past but that is up for interpretation.

Submitted: May 21, 2017
Last Updated: May 22, 2017

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The Writer: Jacob Radford

Well, I'm a newbie. I just started writing screenplays and I love it, the thought of my idea getting made excites me beyond belief. I'm trying to become a director so I'm hoping my screenplays will get me there. I love making drama filled, character driven screenplays. I dont have any film expierence so there isnt anything i can share with anybody. If you search my name up in imdb you will find some kid that was in big fish who wasnt me but hopefully one day you will see something. I do not like to show my face online so that is why I dont have profile picture . Sorry this isnt very informing but my screenplays are really good and thats all that matters... Go to bio