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We Come In Peace

Two space-faring conmen seeking to profit from peddling world peace to alien races, accidentally release the most diabolical criminal in the Universe, then journey across a hostile planet to apprehend him.



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Genre: Genre: Animated/ Sci-Fi Adventure/Comedy/Buddy

ARNOLD PIP (40s) and his partner, JAY EBULLIENT (30s), set out on a mission to sell their secret of world peace to alien races for huge personal profit. Their plan is derailed temporarily when their ship’s annoying robot accidentally jettisons their fuel into space, forcing them to crash land on an inhospitable planet. The space faring conmen use their onboard prisoner, MELGOR LICH (mid 20s), to test the safety of the planet’s atmosphere. Melgor, miniaturized to make him less dangerous, is about to perform his function as guinea pig when the bars on his cell dissolve in the corrosive atmosphere. He is freed and runs away.

The three track Melgor across the planet and encounter bluwagles—pink, balloon-shaped life forms punctuated with little nipples. They bounce or float a few feet off the ground avoiding jagged stones and pointy sticks. They worship a local deity known as The Great Pump. The two conmen quickly move on after one of the overzealous creatures inflates himself and explodes.

Melgor taunts his pursuers from the opposite side of an acid lake. At first Arnold and Jay cannot figure out how the criminal got across the lake but then a transparent, cucumber-shaped vessel with gills surfaces nearby. They board the living boat but must discard and feed the strange creature some of their disgusting salty clothing in exchange for safe passage. A short time later they run down and capture Melgor. They encounter PRINCE PLAGGE, a six-legged knight in the shape of a neckless blob. Plagge accidentally summons a legion of unfriendly aliens with his magical horn. They release Melgor who quickly befriends them. The others are apprehended and taken into the bowels of the planet where they narrowly escape becoming the supper of a one hundred eyed demon lord. Melgor is recaptured.

Plagge escorts them to his palace, where Pip falls in love with the princess. Guards lock Melgor in an iron box after he makes advances towards the beautiful Mrs. Plagge. Pip is challenged to a duel by the palace dwarf who looks just like Pip and is also in love with the princess. Ebullient rescues Pip and they escape with Melgor still imprisoned in the box. They head in the direction of a rumored spaceport but are snatched up by a monstrous bird that poops in rainbow colors and lays cube-shaped eggs. They discover that the bird expects them to hatch its strange eggs which have an incubation period of eighty-three years.

The ship’s computer creates a diversion by imitating the call of the enormous bird and the heroes escape. Melgor expands after consuming the rainbow colored excrement and floats away. Pip and Ebullient chase him right into the midst of a band of hostile, sentient mushroom men. Melgor accuses the conmen of several wrongs against the mushroom men and the two stand trial. Melgor slips away in the conmen’s spaceship, leaving Pym and Ebullient to face the “harsh justice” of the alien fungi race.

Submitted: July 25, 2020
Last Updated: July 25, 2020

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The Writer: Joel and Valerie Reeves

Joel and Valerie Reeves are a father and daughter writing team from Northwestern Lower Michigan, living practically on the doorstep of the Traverse City Film Festival. Joel's fantasy trilogy, Of Quills and Kings , Walpole Unbound , and Dreams, Schemes and Spiny Machines , was published by Double Dragon Press. His first collection of short stories, Odd Birds was released by Scantic Press, debuting in 2019. Their screenplay, Midnight Dreary , a biographical drama about Edgar Allan Poe, was a winner in the WILDsound Screenwriting Competition. Valerie's comedy stage play was a winner in Traverse City Young Playwrights' Festival and was produced and performed at the Traverse City Opera House. Go to bio

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