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Where The Wild Thyme Grows



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A curious young boy stirs the ire of a local witch when he stumbles upon a long buried treasure.

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Where the Wild Thyme Grows
A curious young boy stirs the ire of a local witch when he stumbles upon a long buried treasure.

Throughout the ages, witches have been portrayed as vindictive old crones, putting hexes on victims for their own wicked gains.

In Steve Miles’ classic screenplay, “Where the Wild Thyme Grows” - Witch Marie may be old. And she does indeed cast a spell.

But Marie isn’t vindictive... and her hex may ultimately not be bad.

The subject of her spell is Caleb, a boy who uncovers buried treasure. A "scrap of idle mischief", Caleb is but 12 years old, and too innocent (in certain ways) to know the rhyme "finders keepers, losers weepers” can hold much more sentiment (and conflict) than the child-like song implies.


Caleb sits on a swing. He tears the wrapper from a stick of gum, tosses it away. The wrapper tumbles with the wind --

The tip of a walking stick pins it to the ground. Caleb thumbs his mobile phone.

Did you lose something, child?

Caleb startles. He turns to find Marie close behind him. She holds out the wrapper.


Are you sure?


Then perhaps you found something?

She moves around in front of him.

A small shiny thing. The kind of small shiny thing that doesn’t belong in the claws of a young magpie.

She stops, holds his eyes intently.

Sometimes we’ve good reason to bury the past. It brings great comfort to those that don’t know they’re no longer with us.

I ain’t found nothin’.

You’re sure? Only I fear I may not be the last to come looking.

He draws back on the seat, as if to swing forward.

You’re in my way.

Marie straightens.

You gonna hit me?

Where would the sense be in such a thing?

Caleb pulls his feet up -- Marie just manages to step aside in time.

Then piss off, you old witch.

She sighs. Watches him swing back and forth --

A bad start to a relationship, no doubt. But - when a spell is cast for the right reasons, is there any harm in adding a dash of terror to the brew?

The visual imagery of “Where the Wild Thyme Grows” is laced with terror... and poetic beauty as well: everything from the hillside setting to an eerie abandoned cottage, where deep secrets of Marie's heart lie. Produce this script, and your audience will visit them, too.  Make no mistake: magic lurks inside these pages. Consider Wild Thyme for your next project, and let the setting and story cast its spell.

Review by Linda Hullinger
Submitted: September 28, 2016
Last Updated: June 4, 2018

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The Writer: Steve Miles

Started writing scripts around five years ago after realising his social life was vastly overrated. Enjoys writing in a variety of genres but leans toward raw, grittier characters and the worlds they inhabit - from the deadly serious to the darkly comic. Drinks coffee, owns an unhealthy amount of plaid and uses a calculator for the most basic of sums. Go to bio

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