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Where Water Tastes Like Blood



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A man and his robot propagate new plant life in a secret bunker that harbors the antidote to a deadly virus, but the arrival of a feisty young girl threatens everything.

A post-apocalyptic story about nature, grief and freedom.

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"A heart pounding, relentless, and emotional post apocalyptic story unlike any I’ve ever seen. An absolute master class in visual writing, word economy, and catharsis. An absolute work of art that begs to be produced."

"A fantastic read. The writing in here feels so easy, and therefore makes the read feel simultaneously simple and effortless."

"A fresh take on a popular sub-genre, a really satisfying story and characters that we root for."

Submitted: September 26, 2019
Last Updated: September 26, 2019

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The Writer: Rémi Brandely

Screenwriter I tend to write Sci-Fi, but if a character fascinates me the genre doesn't matter. Some of my favorite films: The Lion King, Cast Away, Gladiator, Into the Wild, Dances with Wolves, Lord of War, Whiplash, Contact, The Lord of The Rings, Brother Bear... Go to bio