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Wish of a Spirit

The Spirit lures six friends into a small vacant room to complete their wishes. Hiding his identity and without using any powers, he has only one night to make them kill each other.



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Sophie, heavy with a child, sees a door in her dream marked "WISH ROOM", shown by a spirit but couldn't see its location. She and her five friends decide to call the spirit in a haunted room in search of the room. The Spirit demands a life in exchange of fulfilling their wishes. The room is found and the wishes are fulfilled. Each wish was carrying a hidden dark secret which could shatters the trust and relationship among them. Life sacrifice still remains. The conversation with the spirit in the haunted room starts unfolding the stories of their past lives filled with betrayal and treacheries. People starts dying in the room.
The First Friend – SOPHIE, the unfaithful beauty, wished for the death of JACK, her husband but she didn't knew that it can kill someone else also.
The Second Friend – JACK, the wise fool, wished for the money, the money is found, but he didn’t knew that it was not destined for him.
The Third Friend – CATHIE, the ugly witch, knew the black magic, had help from spirit's world, wished for her love, RYAN but it came back deadly to her.
The Fourth Friend – RYAN, the insensitive smart, wished for adventure but it became the regretted one and the last one.
The Fifth Friend – RITA, the cunning guardian, wished for her success, for which she had sacrificed her whole life and her family, but she paid for what she did.
The Sixth Friend - Mark, the retarded follower, wished for her love, RITA but sacrificed his life for her wish.
The SPIRIT – the game planner, wished for his revenge, but had to fulfill six friends’ wishes before.
The Haunted Room witnessed the death of 20 people in the past, now witnessing the most horrifying night of six friends and a spirit.
Mystery – The Spirit knows everything about the six friends even before they call him. He claims that someone among them is telling him the secrets. Who could that be?

Submitted: February 2, 2020
Last Updated: February 17, 2020

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