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$1.50 a Scoop - Summer Days Don't Get Better Than This!

$1.50 A Scoop
A boy just wanted some ice cream.  Little did he know everything that came with the $1.50 scoop…

Audiences always love a riveting story about two very different people; from opposite ends of the tracks. Ones whose lives come crashing into each other like a runaway train. Especially when one is so good. And the other… so very, very bad.

Even more exciting is what happens next: when the “nice” get ensnared in “naughty” schemes.

Think Oliver and the Artful Dodger, for one. Other classics work as well: Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. And then there’s Les Miz – Javert and Jean Valjean. Cosette and Eponine.

In every instance, the conflicting enticement’s the same. We just can’t wait to see if good prevails, or evil triumphs above all. Do the characters eventually switch roles? Or will everyone just brush the dust off their lapels, and climb unsteadily to their feet?

After all, the Artful Dodger and Fagin dance off in just that manner – continuing on the same path they’ve tread every day. But folks, character arcs should never be predictable… no matter what STC might say.

And that’s the excitement Khamanna Iskandarova dishes up in $1.50 a Scoop, a little drama as sweet as pure ice cream.

In Scoop, Greg and Mike couldn’t be more different. Mike’s only twelve years old – sweet, considerate… and mute. Greg is eighteen – tougher than steel, and a thief. But they do have one thing in common. Both boys looooove their ice cream.

Their paths cross as Mike is counting out coins he’s collected to see if he can afford $1.50 for a single scoop. Greg’s got considerably more moolah – so he buys his cone, and tosses Mike the change. A grateful Mike seizes the moment, and selects the flavor he’s been eying all this time.

But right as Mike’s about to enjoy a much-awaited treat, he sees Greg steal from an elderly woman. Souring the taste of the ice cream Greg’s paid for – before it reaches poor Mike’s mouth.

Being the good kid he is, Mike just wants to do the right thing.

But the tables swiftly turn – leaving Mike accused of the very crime that “belongs” to Greg. Ironically, Greg’s the only one who can save him. But will a hardened thief ever change his ways? Will Mike ever enjoy ice cream again?

A sweet little drama that’ll be a breeze to film (and a favorite of festivals everywhere), $1.50 a Scoop takes little Mike on a journey he’ll never forget. Nor will your audience. We guarantee.

The Script

I.50 A Scoop

A mute 12-year-old boy says no to free ice-cream from a nice man when seeing the latter steal from an old lady

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