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22 Miles From Trenton - Farther Than One Might Think!

22 Miles to Trenton
Penny races to Grover’s Mill to save her sister from impending doom.

Where were you when Kennedy got shot?
Where were you on September 11th, 2001?
Where were you when the Berlin Wall came down?

If you were sentient enough at the time, you can answer these questions instantly.

But did you know that to many Americans, it once seemed like October 30th, 1938 would become an unforgettable date?

Take Penny Connors, for example: the 15-year-old comic book and sci-fi loving protagonist of 22 Miles from Trenton.

A small town New Jersey girl with an adventurous imagination, she’s nothing more than a weird loner according to Veronica, her older (and more socially “normal”) sister.

But there’s no time for these two siblings to trade insults; Veronica’s got a party in Grover’s Mill to attend!

Home alone in 1938, there’s nothing for Penny to do but listen to the radio. Yet – what she hears on the live news this fateful night wouldn’t sound out of place in one of her comic books.

A strange object’s fallen to Earth. Unknown entities are emerging from its shell. And the location of this alien phenomenon is…

(to herself)
Grover’s Mill…

Terrified but determined, Penny grabs her bicycle and sets off on a rescue mission to save her sister, meeting fellow adventurers along the way.

While all of them are determined to discover the truth, the truth is also determined to hide itself from them; until they’re up against … possibly the most monumental event humanity has ever faced!

Will Penny rescue her sister? Will this experience bring the siblings closer together? Or will Penny and Veronica be torn apart…permanently? Or literally?

Partially based off true events, Trenton is a thrilling and well-paced script that offers outer space sized creativity to a director and their team in terms of shots and style.

Combine this with a simple and inspiring message, and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire winner. One that – like what happened at Grover’s Mill for reals – will truly stand the test of time!


The Script

22 Miles From Trenton

A young girl sets out to save her older sister from the threat of alien invasion in Grover's Mill, NJ.

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