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All the Fives - And None of the Luck

All the Fives
A burned-out cabbie seeking fortune may have just hit the jackpot.

Working for tips.  Same dead-end job for years.  Growing debt. Minor addictions to help cope with the stress of trying to make ends meet.  Who hasn’t fantasized about winning the lottery?

Mitch, the protagonist of Steve Miles’ All the Fives, sure has. A taxi driver for years, he’s into sport betting.  Consequently, he pays more attention to the games than he does to the road, having given up on the idea of ever getting a handle on his finances through an honest day’s work. 

The film opens with Mitch in his cab, listening to a game.  He has a lot riding on the Black and Gold and has no desire to pick up a fare at the moment.  So, he’s understandably irritated when a man approaches the cab and gets in.  But, money’s money, so Mitch makes sure he makes the most of it: he takes advantage of his passenger’s altered state by driving endlessly as the meter runs wild. 

The taxi driver soon realizes however, that his passenger isn’t just out of it, he’s wounded, seriously wounded.  Not one to pass up an opportunity, the cabbie makes a wager that could change his life forever.  He quickly rummages through the stranger’s bag.  Score!  Wads of cash!

Reveling in his sudden good fortune, Mitch now just has to figure out what to do with the body.  Or so he believes. The man in the backseat stirs, and the stakes of this game just got raised way beyond what Mitch—or the audience--could ever have imagined.

If you love tales with twists that tease and torment—like Twilight Zone meets Reservoir Dogs— you really should come along for the ride that All the Fives has to offer. 


The Script

All The Fives

An indebted cabby stumbles on an opportunity to reverse his fortunes when he finds a duffel full of money. But first, what to do with the dead passenger it belongs to?

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