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Allison's Birthday: Birthday's Are Wonderful... Aren't They?

 Allison’s Birthday

Two parents mark the birthday milestones in their daughter’s life

 Birthdays. A celebration of one’s life. One’s accomplishments, milestones. And dreams for future years. After awhile, celebrating one’s own birthday gets boring. But for loving parents? The day is a constant reminder of the unique person they’ve brought into this world. A special day that never grows old.

Even if we do.

AB weaves its tale through the eyes of Michele and Anthony – two parents who celebrate their daughter Allison’s birthdays through the years. When we first meet the couple, they’re in their fifties. But a series of flashbacks leads us back through two decades… starting with Allison’s birth. Chuck E Cheese celebrations follow – complete with thrown birthday cake. Allison’s first piano recital. Teen parties with giggling girls.

But eventually, all of us grow up. And parents have to let go. Sometimes it’s easy. Other times – agonizingly hard. But no matter what life brings us, birthdays will remain. As a way to celebrate. And remember all the good times.

Heartfelt and poignant, Allison’s Birthday’s perfect for festivals. They say you shouldn’t cry at birthdays. But sometimes, one has no choice…

The Script

Allison's Birthday

Two parents mark the birthday milestones in their daughter’s life as they prepare for the worst.

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