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Calling Home - A Call You Don't Want to Miss

A driven depression therapist enjoys her star client's final moments with her at the top of a bridge.

On the surface, Calling Home by Nikki April Lee is a timely tale about the tragic implications of the psychological suffocation inherent to trauma. An intense, invisible pain that erodes the soul, causing such suffering that sometimes there is only one way out.

But beneath the veneer of Lee’s story is something more sinister and fatalistic that poses a unique question about the ultimate value of trying to help those who are beyond salvation.

The story starts with a set of women sitting in circle, attending what must be a support group lead by Mya Sanders. A thoughtful, quietly strong spiritualist determined to impart her affirmative wisdom on the women who attentively hang on her every word.

Everyday is a struggle, but we must remember not to think of our lives in weeks, months, and years.
It only increases this pressure that is on your mind.
Think of life in minutes, hours, and days.

Mya grabs her necklace’s heart pendant with a semicolon carved out of the center.

Every minute your heart beats, is another minute you are stronger; a warrior; a survivor.

One of the women in Mya’s group is Skylar; a young lady in her late 20s, who has been attending the group over the past year.

She alludes to having two young kids and a husband. With Mya’s help and the support of the other women, she’s in a much better place now with herself and her family.

I am. I feel so much better ever since I started coming here last year.
I didn’t think I was going to make it, but here I am.

That’s right, and here you will stay.

Mya indefatigable commitment to the cause of helping women suffering deep psychological wounds is admirable and inspiring. Nowhere is this more apparent than in her own home, when she interacts with her dutiful husband Charlie. He isn’t just supportive of his wife, but is in awe of her superhuman selflessness. 

You are a hero without a cape, my love. Don’t ever forget that.

It would seem no matter the time or day, Mya is the perpetual harbor in the tempest for the women under the protection of her emotional bulwark.

So, when Skylar texts Mya in the middle of the night, with a cryptic message that reads: ‘The Angels have called…’, Mya immediately jumps out of bed, called to action to rescue one her flock.

Or so it seems.

Calling Home takes a unique, yet brave moral turn that’ll leave the audience feeling unsettled and baffled simultaneously. Lee deftly sets up the story in such a way that when the morbid end comes, it’s jarring and disquieting, with far more unanswered disturbing questions than satisfying, yet obvious answers.

Stories like this rarely come along. A chance to make a movie that forces the audience to get out of their comfort zone and ponder some of humanity’s more complex debates, is the sort of opportunity a brave, filmmaker should tackle… especially if they’re craving to make a short film that will leave their audience speaking about the story long after the credits roll.



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Calling Home

A driven depression therapist enjoys her star client's final moments with her at the top of a bridge.

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