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Cold Smoke - Where There's Smoke....

Powder skiing and the lure of cold smoke is an irresistible temptation. It pays to listen to the professionals.

How about something a little different for the new year?  

For most, the thought of breaking trail up a snowbound mountainside only to slide back down again is one seldom dwelled upon. 

But for a dedicated few, winter in the mountains is the sweet soul-food of life itself; and every storm pure mana from Ullr.

John Staats’ Cold Smoke embraces not only those few but does so with a virtual reality script.  It’s a little different to what some may be used to; yet the simple storyline and crisp writing leave no doubt as to the writer’s intent. 

We join a trio of ski patrollers on a dawn mission for fresh tracks.  Rookie patroller, Brownie, leads the way, breaking trail under the watchful gaze of veterans Squat and Buckster.  A breathless hike later and they’re staring into Hidden Canyon and two feet of pristine powder.

Brownie, with his youthful energy and cocksure approach, thinks he’s got it all figured out.  But the others are soon to warn him to the finer points of mountain safety.  Beneath the surface lurks a greater danger; one that no amount of experience or caution can ever fully predict.

Yet for Brownie, like countless others before him, the temptation proves too great.  With the call of cold smoke ringing in his soul   their words are quickly forgotten and Brownie soon discovers that one wrong turn can (literally) bring down a whole mountain of trouble.  Will Brownie live to see Taco Tuesday?  Or did the rookie just call last run?

Cold Smoke is a great short script for an experienced filmmaker looking to try their hand at a new technique, or even a public body looking for an entertaining and informative way to educate the next generation of skiers and snowboarders in backcountry travel.  Cold Smoke puts you right there on the mountain with fun characters and an insight that could make for an exciting and practical piece of film making.

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Cold Smoke - VR

Powder skiing and the lure of cold smoke is an irresistible temptation. It pays to listen to the professionals.

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