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Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc
An ex special-ops soldier turned vigilante finds himself in a battle of wills
with a police sergeant searching for answers to a series of gang murders.

Former dog of war turned family man, JP, is a man with a past—the kind that doesn’t make it into official records.

When his young daughter is killed in the crossfire of a bungled cartel hit, JP finds himself drawing on that past in order to seek out those responsible and take them down.

Only there’s a problem for JP in the shape of Sergeant Pattie Walters, a shrewd, hard-nosed cop with a very different take on those responsible for a grisly string of gang murders.

Called for interview, JP finds himself head-to-head with Sergeant Walters as she searches for an end to the bloodshed.  For with a shadowy past of her own, she knows all too well what’s at stake when the dogs of war are let slip.

Two characters. One goal: Justice.

But at what price?

Pattie sizes JP up. His demeanor has changed.

You can't win. No matter how many you
kill, others will just take their place.
It won't bring her back.

You know, the 'war on drugs', is much
like the 'war on terror'. Both are
political slogans, designed to win
votes, by drumming up fear.
We both know wars can't be won by
pruning a tree.

So, you wanna go full Paul Bunyan?

To win this fight, you must knock down
the tree. Tear it out from the roots.
And then make the soil so toxic, that
nothing can grow back again.

What about the innocent critters who
live in that tree?

 "The tree of liberty must be refreshed
from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants."

Ok, Jefferson. Which one are you?

Once I was a dutiful son. A patriot.
A father. I was a tower of strength to
my daughter. But now... now I am
something else.

Jeremy B. Storey’s Cry Havoc delivers a burst of hard-boiled drama as we jump between past and present to understand how we arrived here and where the path of vengeance leads us next.  At 14-pages with a handful of locations and characters this is a short script that would suit someone looking to build on experience with a conflict-riddled genre-piece that leaves the reader wanting more.

The Script

Cry Havoc

A police Sergeant interviews a mysterious, grieving father about the vicious slaying of gang members under investigation for the murder of his daughter.

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My writing career started when I was no more than nine or ten years old. However, it took the form of imaginary adventures my many toys would embark upon. As I got older, I started to write essays at school. I excelled at the ones where I could freely mold my ideas into fiction. Not as good when it came to scrutinizing existing star-crossed literature written five hundred years ago.

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