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Damn Your Eyes - and Much, Much More....

Damn Your Eyes
A paranoid recluse fighting to expose mass government surveillance
finds a truth far more insidious than he ever dared believe.

Joseph Heller once famously wrote in ‘Catch-22’ : “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”. Which in many ways is the central conceit of Steve Miles’ tense, psychological horror allegory “Damn Your Eyes”.

Meet Brookes. He spends his days cocooned in his home recording ‘truth-casts’ that make ‘Infowars’ and Alec Jones seem serene and sane by comparison.

Closed circuit cameras, and surveillance drones
weren’t enough. No, they’re in our smart phones,
 our food? And get this, we invite them in!

In between broadcasting fear-infused invectives over the airwaves, Brookes spends much of his day spying on his neighbors and their seemingly innocent activities - be it washing a car, or weeding. He’s convinced that his neighbors have malevolent intentions. And he won’t stand for it.

Greenfingers turns, tosses a weed into a bucket. She glances (Brooks’) way, casual.

I’m onto you bitch. I know all your spook tricks.

In addition to his obsessive spying, Brooks seems to subsist on something called ‘Natraceuticals’ – a set of supplements peddled to paranoid survivalists such as Brooks. He believes this medication is keeping him protected from the nefarious chemicals the ‘powers-that-be’ are suffusing into our food and water.

Life is fear and fear is life for Brooks. There is suspicion around every corner. Distrust in everything he sees, hears and feels. In short… he’s easy to write off as a complete and utter mad man.

But, what if there’s some truth to his reviled rambling? And maybe they really are after him? Read the exceedingly clever and creepy Damn Your Eyes to discover the spine-chilling and grotesque fate that awaits a disturbed man who may very well manifest a grim destiny of his own making.

If you’re a filmmaker inspired by movies such as Rear Window and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and directors like Hitchcock and Cronenberg, this is the ideal script for you. It thrills, chills and spills lot of eeriness from beginning to a great twist at the end. Your damn eyes won’t be disappointed.


The Script

Damn Your Eyes

A paranoid recluse fighting to expose mass government surveillance finds a truth far more insidious than he ever dared believe.

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