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Death Walks Into A Bar

Death Walks Into a Bar
A man about to take his own life experiences the ultimate intervention.

Sometimes you just need another perspective on life.

Jack is contemplating suicide and has been most of his life. Even though he’s been struggling with depression he’s found it in his heart to help others out of it. A visit by death one night is what it took to make Jack see his life has value.

Just stubbornness I suppose.
I’ve been here 20 years. Sank half my life into this place.

Do you regret it?

Sometimes, especially recently.

Is that why you want to kill yourself?

Jack stares, eyes wide in shock.

What did you say?

The burden of this place has not been easy.
You see yourself as a failure.
A broken man in a world that has no place for him.

Jack tenses up, getting angry.

What the hell are you talking about?

It’s not true, any of it. Your life has value.

Sometimes we all need this reminder and we don’t all get a chance to discuss it with Death. What would you do if Death knocked on your door? Why would Death take time out of their day to talk with you? Would you want to know?

This short could easily be shot in a bar on an off night with two talented actors for pennies. And who knows it may help someone reassess their life.

The Script

Death Walks into a Bar

A man about to take his own life experiences the ultimate intervention.

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