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Ding - This is YOUR floor?

What work to tackle first. Where to eat lunch. Whether to take the stairs or the elevator. All decisions that millions of weary office workers make daily.

Apart from in Ding, where everyone takes the elevator. Why? Because of Shadwell – the proudest lift operator in America. With a spotless uniform and a cheerful demeanour (once you pay him), there seems to be no reason to take the stairs.

Unless your destination is floor 13 -  Shadwell won’t stop at that floor. And every time the elevator reaches this unlucky floor, he’s forced to perform some weird acrobatics to keep the lift moving.

Until a frustrated client stops the lift at that very floor. Determined to take the stairs.

Shadwell’s warnings can’t stop him. But what Shadwell’s been “protecting” his clients from can…

What really does lie on the unlucky floor? And why is Shadwell so adamant about avoiding the stairs? Only by taking the ride of a lifetime and experiencing the ups and downs of this thrilling script will these questions be answered!

The Script


A proud elevator operator fights to protect those in his charge from the sinister presence lurking on floor 13. Unless that is, they opt for the stairs…

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